Far Cry 5: Gun For Hire Trailer and Information

If you’ve been following Far Cry 5 since it was announced last year, you’ve probably seen all the videos, gameplay and images that Ubisoft has put out. So one of the questions you may have asked yourself if how are you supposed to handle all this action on your own?

Well according to Ubi you won’t have to because you will have the help of other characters. That’s right. According to Ubisoft, you will have the assistance of what they are calling, Guns For Hire. Each Gun For Hire in Far Cry 5 will have a different skill and weaponry that they will bring to the fights – with you!

In all, there will be 7 Guns For Hire. As of right now I cant give you a real rundown in terms of who they are what they offer, etc but Ubi did put out a new trailer for the Guns For Hire feature in Far Cry 5.

As soon as any more information comes out about these Guns For Hire, I will definitely be posting that information on Gamers Elite so look out for it!

Far Cry 5 will be hitting the Xbox One on March 27th.

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