Far Cry 5 New Artwork Released!

Let’s be honest, these publishers love to make us squirm in our seats! While Ubisoft isn’t supposed to show us their big reveal until May 26th that tells us more about Far Cry 5, they still let out a little secret as to what the game contains and what its about. you can find the image below.


Momma always said you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but its sort of hard not to judge the game by THAT picture above. The image is called The Last Supper. Besides the actual name of the image, as you can see in the image there are all sorts of subtle and in your face religious tones too.

I am definitely looking forward to more information on the game, what its really going to be about and more. We already know that its going to be set in fictitious Hope County in Montana. I have seen a few trailers and it looks amazing, scenery-wise!