First Impressions – Forza 7 Demo

One of the things I like and one of the things a lot of people hate about driving game series like Forza is that it tends to be the same shell over and over again.  Its what’s inside the shell that really matters.  We all know and can expect certain things when it comes to Forza Motorsport:

  • You can expect the usual “assists” when it comes to driving any and all cars
  • You can expect to choose how you want those assists and other options to work – if you are a better driver you can turn everything off and just… drive.  If you are new, you can turn everything on.
  • You can expect that turning all of those assists and features OFF will allow you to earn more money and more XP.  You can also expect if you turn them all ON or even some of them, that you will get less XP and money than the guy who chose to turn it all off.
  • You can expect a crap ton of cars.  I mean Forza Motorsport AND Forza Horizon are known for this!
  • You can expect great locations, fun, but challenging roads to race on.

Inside the shell you have 3 amazing cars you get to drive.  I thought I would go a little different this time on the Forza 7 Demo.  I love all cars.  But I usually have a certain love for Nissan’s over Porsche’s.  Usually I would choose the Nissan first, but I decided to go with the Porsche this time.

I chose the Porsche on my first try.  I chose to use; all assists, no assists and half assists (split up).  I raced 3 times.  It really is a superb car, you can tell it has some power under the hood, but it was just a little too… jerky for me.  I kept feeling like with or without the assists, with or without the breaking hard/soft, I was still jerking the car around a lot.

Forza 7 Porsche in the Lead 4K

On the second try I went ahead with the Nissan because its all pretty just sitting there waiting to be driven.  The Nissan NISMO GT-R LM seemed a tad more fast than the Porsche and it glided through the turns.  I also chose to use; all assists, no assists and half assists (split up).  I raced 3 times.  With the Nissan in all 3 set ups it just seemed to run, drive, break and go into the turns much easier.

On the third try, I of course used the big rig.  I honestly didn’t want to, but I figured if I am going to talk about the Forza 7 demo on Gamers Elite, buy the game and really give it my all – I better use ALL the vehicles!  I also tried all assists, no assists and half assists (split up).  I raced 3 times.  What can I say.  I didn’t like it.  At all.  The whole point for me when it comes to playing race car games is; the cars, the options for the cars, and, well, I want to go fast!  You can’t really do that in the big rig!

Audio and Sound

When you play any game you expect good audio.  Forza 7 does pretty well with their audio, but I think I would need to play around with it a little bit.  I noticed in some areas when the background music was playing versus the sounds of my cars and those around me, the sound was a little “tinny” sounding.

Aggressive Driving

I tend to drive aggressively and I know that Forza fans hate that!  Which is why I always play on my own anyway.  But, I did notice that even when I turned the aggressive driving option ON for other AI players, they were still pretty rough.  i mean I was going into this one corner and a car flew up beside me and hit into me.  I had to make sure I had turned it on because THAT was pretty aggressive in my mind.  (I got that AI back later on in the race lol).

The Graphics and Dynamic Environments

The graphics are what you would expect from the 7th game of a Forza Motorsport game.  They always look damn good.  This time around I noticed a lot more when it came to the rain versus the car.  If you played previous Forza Motorsport games you know that in the past it looked very.. fake.  I mean if its raining, it should go on your car and the little droplets of rain should slowly slide off in the opposing direction you are driving – even on turns.

In the Forza 7 Demo they hit right on the mark with these actionable features.  I also like the fact that they added in a few different environments.  Not even just locations or tracks, but how they react.  I also think that things like rain make it more challenging to drive.  You begin to almost get hypnotized by the streams of water coming down in front of you.  Which I honestly like because who wants an easy race?!  Not me!

Overall:  I enjoyed the Forza 7 demo.  I definitely plan to play around with it a little more before the demo is up.  Will I put money on it?  Probably not right this second.  The only reason I say that is because I don’t like having to divide my attention among 5 games at a time.  I prefer 2-3 and that’s it.  Since Need For Speed AND Call Of Duty WW2 is coming soon and Destiny 2 just came out, I think my hands are full.  However, I will consider buying Forza Motorsport 7 in 2018 when I have less new games coming out.

In turn, its not you Forza, its me.  I swear!