Future War: Reborn Achievements List Available

If the game Future War: Reborn doesn’t sound familiar to you, I would be really surprised. This is a game, after all, that is available… everywhere. It’s on Xbox One, PC, IOS, Android and a few other devices. It just recently came out for Xbox though on 12/19/2017. Unfortunately, from the reviews on Xbox, it seems that people were happier with the game BEFORE it came to live. Nonetheless, its a pretty good game if you know what to expect. Below is a little bit about the game and further down are the achievements for Future War: Reborn.

Future War: Reborn

Future War: Reborn is the latest 3D TPS game about a post-apocalyptic war.

You will control the full-fledged Genome Fighter to strafe enemies, sweep through battlefields with cutting-edge weapons, and defend human beings from hordes of dead walkers.

Join this epic TPS war, take command of and level up the Genome Fighter, build up your own armory, personalize the best weapon pool with infinite possibility, and control a formidable titan to fry the zombies!

Only to be killed or unkilled in this ultimate war.

Future War: Reborn FEATURES

Tactical TPS gameplay features the 45° angle direction

Awesome 3D graphics design for warzones and shooting skills

Role play the full-fledged Genome Fighter to kill the zombies

Special skills to dodge the oncoming zombies and blow them up

6 types of AAA+ weapons to obtain and upgrade

Activate and take advantage of the autocannons for secondary attack

Ride and level up the mighty Titan to clean out the zombies

Future War: Reborn Achievements

There are 14 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, none of which are secret:

Name Description Gamerscore
Fearless Kill 6,000 Aliens 50
Zombie Killer Kill 4,500 Stinger(s) 50
Zombie Nightmare Kill 2,400 Smasher(s) 50
Killer of Alien Kill 3,000 Explorer(s) 50
Expeller of Aliens Kill 3,000 Megascarab(s) 50
Shadow of Death Kill 2,000 Elite(s) 50
Master of Collection Obtain 6 weapons 50
Heavy Tank Use Machine Gun for 300 times 50
Machine Breaker Use Machine Gun for 300 times 50
Defender of Autocanno Using Autocannon 300 times 50
Master of clearing Stage Clear Stage 3-7 100
Star Picker Collect 63 Stars 100
Every little helps Collect 2,000,000 Gold 100
Millionare Collect 3,200 Energy 200