Gamer Crates 20% Off For Halloween

Over the past few years, these subscription crate sites have become the norm – some of them are amazing, some of them… not so much.  For me?  I am always looking for a deal.  Whether its for video games, a new Xbox One controller or even a new site to get loot boxes on.  Gamer Crates has a really great sale going on right now.  You can get 20% off until October 31st.  

Gamer Crates has had all kinds of really cool crates in the past.  Some of them were brand related, while others were gaming related like Black Ops 3, Zombies, Fallout 4, etc.

They have 2 primary types of crates – Gamer Crates and Snack Crates.

For the Gamer Crates you choose the plan you want, the subscription pack you want, t-shirt size, etc. Then they build the Gamer Crate for you, depending on what pack you chose. Lastly, between the 10th and the 15th of the next month your crate will be sent to you.

Gamer Crates can have almost anything in them, but you can rest assured it will all be gaming type items; t-shirts, grips for your controllers, PC mouse pads, braided charging wires, etc.

For the Snack Crates its all about the food and drink arena and includes items such as beef jerky, energy gummy bears, g-fuel energy, maybe a g-fuel energy shaker bottle, etc.

If there was a time to try the Gamer Crate website out, the time is now, especially with 20% off!  I have tried these crates in the past before and some of them are really well put together.  There were even a few websites I wanted to try but they quickly fell off the market unfortunately and disappeared.  According to gamer crates though, they have been around since before 2014 so its pretty safe to say this site is not going away.

Individual Gamer Crates

Apparently beyond choosing the 2 crates above, gamer crates and snack crates, they also have other crates you can purchase as well.  These, however, are not monthly plans, its just a crate you buy and its pretty damn transparent in terms of what you get.  For example:

Level Up Crate:

The Level Up Crate is the perfect way to upgrade your gaming setup on a budget. Get a brand new mouse, mousepad, headset hanger, decal, USB light, and 2 packets of G FUEL to keep you energize when you’re adding all of your new additions.

Gamdias Demeter E1
Gamdias Nyx E1
G Fuel Packets
Egl Colorado Decal
Usb Light For Setup
Headset Hanger

DX Crate:

DXRacer Jersey
DXRacer Lanyard
2 G FUEL Packets
DXRacer Pin
DXRacer Keychain
SnackPack Beef Sticks


The crate packed with all of your LAN and travel essentials. You’ll be ready for you next LAN.

Gc Controller Case
X-gamer Sachets
Gc Power Bank
Gc Fidget Spinner
10ft Charging Cable
Lancrate Pin