Gamers Elite Giveaway Available NOW!

A few days ago Gamers Elite made a post for winning a controller.  The ability to enter to win is now available.  There are only 4 main requirements:
1- You have to be 18 or older
2- You have to live in the USA
3- It has to be a controller for the Switch, Xbox One, PC, PS4, etc.
4- It cannot exceed $80.
For those of you without an Xbox One or another next gen console – that’s okay!  I can also do PS3 and Xbox 360.
You can view the Gamers Elite giveaway on this page:
The giveaway will be available for 2 weeks.
Simply enter the giveaway with your Facebook login or your email
Next, you can do one or all of the actions.  Obviously the more actions you do, the more points you get.  Also, each “action” has different points attached to it.
– Follow Gamers Elite on twitter
– Visit the Official Facebook Page and like the page or certain posts or make some comments
– Tweet about the Giveaway – this can be done 1x a day
– Join the Newsletter
– Follow us on Instagram
– Share a Post from Twitter to your Followers – this can be done 1x a day
At the end of the 2 weeks I will randomly choose a winner!  It’s pretty simple.  But, I am new at this giveaway method and will get better as time goes on!  I would love to start doing giveaways at least 1 time a month with varying products related to gaming.