Gamestop Used Game Subscription Service Is Almost Here!

I remember when I was a kid and a teenager there were a ton of video game rental places. Between local ma and pop stores that had VHS’s and therefore decided to rent out games, as well as that Hollywood movie place and of course Blockbuster. When these ALL went out of business I know you guys were probably thinking the same thing I was: What am I supposed to do now?!

In getting rid of those physical stores there were then a lot of sites online that would let you rent games – they probably still exist, actually. I tried out a few of these over the past few years and they always have issues:

1- Delivered to the wrong house

2- Not delivered at all

3- Slow delivery times – order a game and it comes 2-3 weeks later

4- High Prices and not enough variety


One thing I always wondered was WHY didn’t a store like Amazon or Gamestop create a used game service?!

Well, apparently this is NOW a thing. Game stop is offering a new service which they call the Gamestop Power Pass. Now the price might seem a tad high – its $60. But, you get that service for $60 and its for a 6 month service. So essentially that’s only $10 a month. Not too shabby!

There are a few catches:

– You can only rent used games
– You can only rent used games from your local store
– You have to be a member of the Powerup Rewards Program – but even the free option works.

According to Gamestop, the Gamestop Power Pass will be available on the week of November 13th – which is coming up quickly.

Also, according to Gamestop, the last game that you rent – you get to keep.

I visit my Gamestop a lot though and I am pretty buddy buddy with the guys there and no one has mentioned anything about this to me. The only thing I heard about was an upgraded and more expensive PowerUp rewards program. I have to wonder if ALL Gamestop’s are doing the Gamestop Power Pass or just a few?