Gran Turismo Sport Demo Coming Soon

Ill honestly never understand why companies do this (maybe someone can explain it to me?) but, Gran Turismo Sport is finally going to be coming on October 17th. That’s right, after a long FOUR year break, they are putting out a brand new Gran Turismo Sport – and it looks fantastic. But, the demo? Is literally a week before the game comes out.

I don’t understand this. Isn’t the point of a demo to allow people to try it beforehand so you can (hopefully) get more pre-orders for the game and in turn get more sales?

Well. I guess they are figuring perhaps that the game is something so many people are looking forward to, that they don’t need to have a waiting period. Or perhaps they already know they have X amount of pre-orders for the game and are simply trying to get more people to purchase the game after the demo finishes or after the game comes out.

Who knows!

The Gran Turismo Sport demo will be active for only 4 days, but progression made in the free trial will transfer over to the full game. According to a post on the PlayStation Blog, “your earned in-game credit (up to $1MM) and personalized garage vehicles are transferable to the full game when it launches October 17th.”

The demo will include a look at the new Gran Turismo’s sport, campaign and arcade modes, as well as the Scapes photo mode and customized livery editor.

PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to pre-load the Gran Turismo Sport demo on Oct. 7 at 8 a.m. PT and play it on Oct. 9 at 12 a.m. PS4 owners who don’t subscribe to PlayStation Plus will be able to download and play the demo on Oct. 9 at 6 p.m. PT. The demo will come to an end Oct. 12 at 8 a.m. PT.

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