Gravel Has A Huge DLC Season Pass Planned!

Gravel is one of those games I really want to get, but I am on the fence again because I have a bunch of new games coming out in 2018 (again!). One of the biggest reasons you have to purchase Gravel though is that it seems like a genuinely fun and entertaining game. Add on to the fact that they just announced they plan on having FIVE DLCS for the Season Pass and well, that’s enough to get anyone excited.

In fact, people all over Twitter and Facebook, as well as the Gravel forums, are now super-stroked at the extensive and ambitious plans that Gravel has for their Season Pass.

But, the game will also be having free content for the game as well, so that’s also something to think about.

As of right now the Season pass for the game has not been detailed, nor has much of what the Season pass contains, if its just content or new vehicles too, when the season pass content will be coming out, etc.

However, we do know that beyond just a standard edition for the game, there will be a special edition which will include the full game and the Season Pass.

One thing I do know is for the FREE content they will be offering new vehicles. So far they have 2 free content updates in mind for the game; the first one will come on March 7th and the second one will come on March 21st.

“Bowler Bulldog

For all four-wheel enthusiasts, this DLC gives access to the first exclusive free vehicle, available for download from 7 March.

Straight from Great Britain, here’s one of Bowler latest creations, the Bulldog, a concentration of power which makes the off-road experience even more thrilling and engaging. The perfect vehicle to prove your true worth!

Free Car – Acciona

If you think that an electric engine is a limitation, this stunningly powerful vehicle will make you change your mind very quickly.

Acciona, the first and only electric vehicle to compete and finish the toughest official off-road races in the world, shows off with all its “energy” in the Gravel fleet. Acciona will be available to download starting from 21 March.”

You can check out more information about Gravel on Gamers Elite at the links below and pre-order if you have not done so already!

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