Things Are Starting To Look Up For Gamers Elite…

Since I started really building up Gamers Elite and writing on the website every day 3-7 times a day, since May I have been really trying to get more people to the site.  With the amount of content I write on Gamers Elite, word of mouth, and promotion, I am starting to actually see a trickling of average views per post.  I really appreciate any social shares I can get!  It doesn’t matter if its Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.  If you share the website I would greatly appreciate it!

Of course there are other “news” sites like IGN and GameSpot – but these are run by big conglomerates.  I’m just a little guy (girl) trying to find his (her) way.  I do notice, however, that there are certain instances when I have the dibs on info sooner than anyone else.  So that is definitely something to consider!

I would, in the near future, like to create a newsletter, some giveaways, and other cool things but beyond just seeing that there are thousands of people visiting Gamers Elite and reading the posts, I would love for some interaction (besides the 50 spam comments I get a day, which are being diligently BLOCKED!).  If you like what I am writing, if you want something specific, if you have questions about a game or anything else relevant, write a comment and let me know.  I am here to help and make your stay better!

Also, I WILL be hiring some new people to write on here with me in the very near future as well.  Hopefully that will get even more information and content on the site, and bring you, of course, more news and more diverse information.  But, in the interim, I think I am doing pretty damn well on my own!

~ Gamers Elite