Injustice 2 New DLC Fighter Available Soon

NetherRealm has shared yet another piece of the puzzle for the next DLC in Injustice 2. This time they showcased a new fighter, named Enchantress.

Fittingly, Enchantress battles primarily using her magical powers. She can create clones of herself to attack other fighters from a distance, and at one point in the new trailer, she encases an opponent in a block of ice.

NetherRealm provided an even closer look at Enchantress in action during a live stream today. You can watch her moveset breakdown above, while her reveal trailer is embedded below.

This new character is the 2nd character from Fighter Pack 3. The first being Atom. Another surprise addition, which Gamers Elite talked about before, was the new TMNT pack! Injustice 2 announced this detail a few months ago, but so far there is no more news on how exactly they will fit into the game – or which turtle you will get to play with.

You can check out the article Gamers Elite wrote about the TMNT here:

Injustice 2 DLC Features TMNT

And here is the video for the TMNT pack

Enchantress will be available for all PS4, Xbox One, and PC players who purchased the Ultimate Edition, Ultimate Pack, or Fighter Pack 3 beginning January 9. Everyone else will be able to purchase her individually one week later, on January 16. Previous Injustice 2 DLC characters cost $6, while the Fighter Pack 3 runs for $20.

If you STILL have not purchased Injustice 2 – what are you waiting for? This game, like its predecessor, has won many awards, has had a lot of positive reviews, and not just among critics, but players as well.

“In June 2016, the game received “Best of E3 2016” awards for “Best Fighting Game” from the Game Critics Awards, IGN, Game Informer, and GamesRadar. The game won “Best Fighting Game of 2017” awards from The Game Awards 2017, IGN, and Game Informer. IGN also nominated the game for “Best Xbox One Game” and “Best Spectator Game”. The game was nominated for “Best Xbox One Game” in Destructoid’s Game of the Year Awards 2017, and for “Best Multiplayer Game” and “Studio of the Year” (NetherRealm) at the Golden Joystick Awards. In Game Informer’s Reader’s Choice Best of 2017 Awards, the game came in third place for “Best Competitive Multiplayer” with 9.41% of votes (around 14% behind PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds), and also took the lead for “Best Fighting Game”, while it came in fifth place for “Game of the Year” with 4.64% of the votes.”

Player Reviews:

PC – 86 out of 100
PS4 – 87 out of 100
Xbox One – 89 out of 100!

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