Little Nightmares: The Hideaway DLC Coming In November

Little Nightmares was a fantastic little game when it first came out and it’s never lost interest for the people that play it. Seriously, if you haven’t checked it out, now is the time.

“A hungry nine-year-old girl named Six is trapped in The Maw – a mysterious vessel catering to the whims of sick and powerful creatures. After waking up in the lower depths of the Maw, Six decides to escape the harsh confines, having regular moments of excruciating hunger. Whilst ascending, she soon becomes stalked by the long-armed blind Janitor of the Maw, who has been capturing children and sending them on an overhead hook conveyor belt. She eventually becomes trapped by the Janitor after being lured by food though she manages to escape.

After evading the Janitor by cutting off his arms with a door, Six follows the conveyor belt upward, to a large kitchen operated by the grotesque Twin Chefs. After another bout of hunger, Six is forced to eat a live rat. The Chefs are preparing a large feast, and attempt to kill Six whenever she enters their line of sight. After managing to evade them, she finds a way out of the vessel.”

While the base game itself isn’t very long – about 2 1/2 hours if you really take your time and about 1 hour if you hurrying play, these DLCs are where its at. Even the base game on its own is pretty fun. You have these really nerve-wracking puzzles you have to get through in order to progress forward. Needless to say, its a fantastic game for people that LOVE puzzle games like Limbo, Inside, Chariot, Ori, etc.  Not to mention that its a beautiful game and a little scary, lets be honest people Love scary games!

Video Trailer of Little Nightmares

This game is essentially doing whatever it can to stay relevant. In order to do that they are on #2 of their DLC aptly named Little Nightmares: The Hideaway.

“The Kid has escaped the frying pan and is now in the fires of the engine room, where one wrong step can lead to his doom. Only by understanding the Nomes does he have a chance of making head or tails of all the machinery barring his way out of the Maw. But why are so many Nomes hiding here?”

According to the developer, The Hideaway will be available on November 30th!

Little Nightmares – Xbox One Complete Edition

Little Nightmares – PlayStation 4 Complete Edition

Little Nightmares: Six Edition – PlayStation 4

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