Loving The New HP Envy Laptop

As you know I got a new laptop.  It’s the newest HP Envy from this year.  The 3 biggest issues I have/had with it:

1- The HP Envy Laptop is not bright enough.  Crazy, right?  I turned everything up and it’s still not bright enough. Not to mention my colors seem washed out.  Or… incorrect.  The blue footer on Facebook for example, looks indigo.  Seriously.  It has a purple rather than blue coloration to it. I found a 4th setting though that allows me to brighten the settings (and change colors) for the Graphics Card.  Hopefully I figure out the right colors and brightness soon!  I feel like these computer companies like to hide stuff more and more as the time goes on.  And forget about asking for help.  (Same with games, it’s always the users fault, not the games/computers fault lol).

2- The battery is internal.  This is the first laptop I have ever had like this.  I spent 5 minutes looking for the hatch.  Well, there isn’t one!  At first glance I thought, man, this is not good.  I mean look at phones with no battery access – in a year or so they go kaput and there’s nothing to be done about it.  I did, however, read a few articles about how a few years ago MAC started to include this type of battery.  And it’s not as bad as you would assume.  They actually can be pretty beneficial and tend to last longer than batteries you can remove.

3- I had an error, blue screen, 20 minutes into typing my articles for Gamers Elite this morning (which is why i was so late to post!).  I have absolutely no idea why this did this, but later tomorrow when I have time I need to do a hard drive check up.  But, that is going to take me awhile to do so hopefully it holds up until then.  The error told ME that if I talk to support to mention the term “Memory.”  I don’t know what happened, but there you have it.

Other than that, I like it.  The keys are just quiet enough.  The HP Envy Laptop is mostly silver with details of black, which I love.  The screen is crystal clear and it makes images seem very high quality.  The HP Envy Laptop also has a really nice set of speakers on it.  If you own a laptop or have ever, you know that it’s a fact that laptops don’t usually have good sound in terms of the speakers.

This HP Envy Laptop has a Bang and Olufsen speaker.  I put it up to 20% and its blaring.

Best of all; its new, its upgraded technology and my fan isnt running at 400 degrees.

Hell, the damn thing can even log me in just by seeing me via the webcam lol.  (My other one didn’t have this!).

Overall, I would definitely give it an 8.5 out of 10.  Now I just need to fix the few issues I do have with it!