Madden 18 Update Out Now – Patch Notes

Madden 18 has been one of the most talked about sports games of 2017.  beyond the fact that they added new features that people asked for in previous games, the game just looks really good and plays well.  As with any game the have some new updates for you today.  The new Madden 18 update is available now. While the update isn’t incredibly big, it does bring some notable changes to Madden 18 including some fixes on exploits, glitches, bugs and overall game improvements.

“To ensure Madden 18 is the best game possible, title updates are deployed by the Madden Development Team to add features to the game after launch and to tune gameplay based on community feedback. Here is a detailed breakdown of what’s included in the latest title update now live in Madden 18.”

Madden 18 Patch Notes

Gameplay Updates

Substantial reduction to fake-outs for user-controlled defenders when defending ball carrier special moves

Slight reduction to fake-outs for AI controlled defenders when defending ball carrier special moves

Addressed an issue that was causing some AI controlled ball carriers to move slowly and/or not perform special moves

Tuned to decrease range of width on kickoffs to address the kickoff exploit that could force returners out of bounds inside their own five-yard line

Developer Note: Players have given us feedback that they’d like more control when clicked-on to a defender in pursuit. We wanted to provide more opportunities for both user-controlled and AI-controlled defenders to make tackles vs. jukes and spins.”

If you already have Madden 18, awesome, if you’re itching to play it, I would personally suggest you wait until later in January or February because usually, EA offers a cheaper option of a Super Bowl Edition for the game.

ALL purchase options/editions for the game

So far nothing has been confirmed or denied, but if you want to save a few extra bucks – wait. If you just want the game and don’t care about saving money, just purchase it. But, don’t say I didn’t warn you!