Monster Hunter World Is One Of The Fastest Selling Games

Since Monster Hunter World was first announced people have been buying copies of it like crazy. Not only has it received nothing but great reviews from players such as yourself and sites like IGN and Polygon – but according to Capcom its become their fastest and best selling game… ever.

In fact, according to Capcom they just reached their 6 million mark in terms of shipments sent out. Of course, Capcom knows that units shipped out is not the same as units sold, but still, if they are shipping out 6 million games it’s a pretty big sign of just how popular Monster Hunter World really is.

As of right now on the Xbox One and PS4 stores, it’s at the top of the list, even beating out other popular games like PUBG!

Capcom was so excited that they had a contest of sorts where they were offering a cash prize of £50,000 to anyone that could provide evidence of a real-world monster in S.W England. Seriously. They wanted you to go out and find a real monster and they were actually willing to offer the winner a cash prize. Crazy, right?

While Capcom continues to celebrate their achievements, Monster Hunter World will continue to have updates; these updates will, of course, give you the players, more monsters to play with, more free content, and more free weapons and gear. Essentially Capcom wants to make sure that if you buy Monster Hunter World that you not only get your fill but that you continue playing for as long as possible and they will do pretty much anything to make sure that happens. This is not a game that will be stale by next week, next month or even next year. Already they have even more plans in terms of the free content and what they plan on adding as time goes on.

If you still have not taken the leap and bought Monster Hunter World, don’t you think it’s about time?

Monster Hunter World – Standard Edition
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Monster Hunter World – Deluxe Edition
For Xbox One Digital and PS4 Digital

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Samurai Set
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Gesture: Sumo Slap
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Hairstyle: Topknot

Monster Hunter World Collectors Edition (PS4)