Need For Speed Payback – Free Roam Available + Other Updates

As promised, Need For Speed Payback free roam is now available via an update to the game TODAY!!! This is one of the features that many people were asking for. I know a lot of you thought this specific feature should have been added before EA released the game, but hey, at least they are trying to fix their mistakes and make the game better.

If only I could connect to the servers to actually play online, go to the online store, check my progress, etc.  :o) (no really, I still cannot play online or do pretty much anything with this game since the second to last update!).  I seem to be only a handful of people having this issue though.

Announced on EA’s Need For Speed website, Alldrive boasts a new social mode called Hangout which will let players explore Fortune Valley with friends and other community members.

EA has also announced that Need For Speed Payback will have a brand new set of packs called Catch Up Packs, there is new information on underglow and camera improvements – you can check out the official notice below with ALL the content and game improvements for Need For Speed Payback.

Alldrive: Hangout

Introducing Hangout, which will allow you to explore Fortune Valley alongside your friends and other members of the Need for Speed Community.

Alldrive: Hangout will allow you to show off your cars and gives you an environment to socialize. This is the place where you’ll be going when you want an impromptu car meet with your friends, the place to take cool Snapshots of your crew, and the place for you to just cruise the streets (and off-road).

Catch-up Packs for Need For Speed Payback

A new item is being added to the Tune-up shop, in the form of Catch-up packs. These packs allow you to speed up the progression of your cars, meaning you can take a car from stock to top tier in a much quicker time-frame.

There will be three different types of pack available, level 6, level 11 and level 16. Each one will be unlocked once you’ve reached a certain part in the campaign.

Reaching the end of chapter 3 unlocks the level 6 pack
Reaching the end of chapter 4 unlocks the level 11 pack
Reaching the end of chapter 5 unlocks the level 16 pack

Each pack can be purchased with in-game bank and will cost:

71,400 for the level 6 pack
131,00 for the level 11 pack
180,000 for the level 16 pack.

Underglow and Tire Smoke for Need For Speed Payback

New variations of both Underglow and Tire Smoke are coming. These new additions will be included in amongst the already existing options and you’ll find them within Shipments once you REP up.

Available for both Underglow and Tire Smoke will be; Steel blue, Candy Pink, Cyan, Coral, and Gold.

Scrap all Unequipped Parts

To help improve inventory management we are adding the ability to sell or trade-in all currently unequipped Speed Cards. Simply highlight a part category and you’ll be given the ability to sell or trade-in all the unequipped cards within that category.

Snapshot Pro Improvements for Need For Speed Payback

We’ve made some tweaks and improvements to Snapshot Pro, the first one being that you can now take Snapshots while in a takedown sequence. Alongside this, we’ve increased the distance the camera can move further away from the car, giving you a little more freedom to take that perfect shot. Some minor tweaks were also made to the sensitivity, making movement across bigger distances a bit quicker.

Objects in the background have had their quality level increased when you enter the mode, allowing you to take even higher quality Snapshots. The ability to toggle dirt on and off has also been included.

In addition to these changes we’re also adding new filter options; cinematic, Cool, Warm, Grunge, Vintage, Desaturated, Lo-Fi, Vivid Retro, Infra Zone and Monochrome Monitor.

Front Menu Improvements for Need For Speed Payback

We’ve made some adjustments to the front menu. Nothing major, just small quality of life improvements to help you stay up to date with Need for Speed and to get into your chosen area (campaign or multiplayer) much quicker.