Need For Speed Payback Review in Progress

Like any good video game reviewer, I have been jotting down notes the whole time I played Need For Speed Payback. I gotta say, overall; I am happy. However, there are some things that need to be addressed stat.

Activities in Need For Speed Payback

As you would want it to be, there are a lot of activities to do in Need For Speed Payback. Beyond just beating other crews in the games campaign, you can also do:

– Races

– Billboards

– Missions

– Drift Zones

– Speed Traps

– Speed Runs

– Jumps

– Derelict Parts

All of these help you level up and gain RP but they also open other activities and help you earn money.

Derelict Parts works a lot like that of The Crew, but its a little more challenging. They give you clues and a partial map, but even then it takes some time to find them. So far I have found 2 cars – The Fairlady and the 65 Mustang.

Car Graphics In Need For Speed Payback

Let’s be honest, Need For Speed Payback is no Forza. I never wanted it to be though because these are 2 very different games. While some of the cars in Need For Speed Payback look really good – some of them look almost plastic-y. You can sort of change this by adding colors to the cars though, so I won’t take off points for that.

There are, as promised, a ton of customization options for your cars in Need For Speed Payback as well. I feel like while it’s not as customizable as the first Most Wanted, it’s pretty close. You have to of course unlock some of the parts. For example, on my Nissan I cannot change the hood unless you do 3 jump challenges and get 2 stars on each one.

The system of unlocking parts is challenging, but who doesn’t like a challenge?!

The World In Need For Speed Payback

Need For Speed Payback was promised to be an open world game, and boy oh boy it is. The world itself is pretty damn big. In fact, IF I was making comparisons, its about the same size as Forza Horizon 3 when you first unlock everything in the main game.

You can go just about anywhere you want, but there are some roadblocks along the way as to be expected. These are usually placed in the game because they specifically don’t want you going in certain areas i.e.; its the end of the map. All games do this to an extent when they want to block an area off.

Are Slow Mo Crashes Still An Issue?

Like a lot of you, I always had complaints about those stupid, slow mo crash scenes or cut scenes. As far as I can tell, 13 hours later, Need For Speed Payback does NOT have these dumb cut-scenes anymore, however, it looks like it’s an option in the menu if you enjoy wasting 3 minutes of your time watching yourself crash. *sarcasm*.

When you hit something – you hit it. That’s it. So far I have not had any cut-scenes showing my crashes and hopefully it stays like this.

– On a side note, the nitrous bothers me a tad bit. When I hit that button I want to, in the words of Eleanor (gone in 60 seconds) GO BABY GO! But, I don’t. Instead, i notice a small lurch in the nitro on my cars. It’s nothing too bad, but a few seconds can mean getting caught by the cops or not being able to finish a race in first place so to me, I have to wonder why it’s doing this.

Errors, Crashes, Glitches

This shouldn’t really be “considered” when it comes to buying a game or not, in my opinion. Games will get fixed… eventually. However, since I am in the midst of an issue right now with Need For Speed Payback, I thought I should bring this up.

While playing Need For Speed Payback for the first 6 hours, it was seamless. I had no issues at all whatsoever, no disconnections, no glitches, no errors. Today, however, when I started it up I could not get online. I decided to play offline and it’s just as well considering that is what I prefer. At some point I did want to get online though because I wanted to pick something up and needed to play online. Now, I cannot play the game at all. No error codes. Just keeps kicking me back to the dash.

According to the game, on the screen right before I resume the campaign, I have lost connection to the EA servers. There is no error code. I have tried everything; hard reset, restarting the game, restarting my router, unplugging the Xbox, etc. Nothing. Works.

That’s unfortunate, I really wanted to play! I also do not see any issues from anyone else online when doing a search for the past 12 hours. Hopefully, it will be fixed.

While this is a review in progress I hope to have a more complete review tomorrow or the next day. Its not all rainbows and puppy dogs, there ARE some things that need to be addressed but overall: I am really enjoying the game for what it is.