Need For Speed Payback – Valentine’s Day Special Event

Need For Speed Payback just sent out a notification that they too will be getting involved in Valentine’s Day, with an “event” of sorts. If you belong to EA Access or Origins Access and you play Need For Speed Payback between February 12th and February 20th you will be receiving 5 bonus Premium Shipments.

EA Access (Xbox One) and Origin Access (PC) are gaming services that give you unlimited access to tons of awesome games, let you play brand new EA titles before release and a 10% discount on EA and Origin purchases.

If you decide to join either EA Access or Origins Access and play Need For Speed Payback for 10 hours you can also qualify for the Premium Shipment Reward – yes, you can play the trial for 10 hours and still get the bonuses.

EA says that for the Premium Shipments in Need For Speed Payback each crate will contain:

One vanity upgrade (like a Underglow, air suspension and more)
One part token
One bank token
Two wildcard items that can be any of the above

Each shipment has exactly what you need to give your ride some love. Join EA Access or Origin Access to play the trial until February 20 (or grab the full game for 10% off), then snag your shipments in-game starting February 23 5:00 PM GMT.

You can also check out the 12-month subscription to EA Access below:

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