New Call of Duty WW2 Accessories For Xbox One and PS4

If you are as HYPED about Call Of Duty WW2 coming out soon, I know you are probably doing the same thing I am; checking out all the new gear that has previously come out or will be coming out when Call of Duty WW2 is finally released on November 3rd!

While there are not a TON of accessories and products available, there are a few and I would definitely consider them essentials to gaming or specifically to gaming with Call of Duty WW2.

Check the list out below.

FPS Freek Call of Duty Heritage Edition for Call of Duty WW2

According to a lot of streamers, these grips not only help you stay in control with your controller (less slip, more grip) but they also help you play better. Now, I don’t know if that’s true, because I am pretty good already, but Kontrol Freek boasts that these grips help you increase your KDR by 26%. That’s a pretty big difference.

These are, of course just for PS4 controllers.

“KontrolFreek Performance Thumb sticks are designed to provide an advantage in game play by increasing the controller’s range of motion and maximizing agility, accuracy and grip. They snap easily on and off your controller’s original Thumb sticks, creating a new stick experience that will take your gaming to the next level!

FPS Freek Call of Duty Heritage Edition was purposefully built to celebrate the heritage of Call of Duty World War II. With a gritty, original design on a concave surface, this limited-edition Performance Thumb stick set offers one high-rise and one mid-rise Thumb stick for the perfect in-combat combination of grip, control, and precision.

Featuring a rugged, army green color, FPS Freek Heritage Edition’s gritty design was created for optimal grip in battle.”

These are the Xbox One FPS Freek Call of Duty Heritage Edition for Call of Duty WWII grips

Power Up Factory Call of Duty: WWII Big Box

Essentially, this is like a subscription box – without the subscription. Its themed so everything inside of it is related to Call of Duty WW2. It includes:

Tactical Beanie
Coaster set
WWII Dog tags
Fully decorated Glass tumblers
Limited Edition Lithograph
Twin team mug

This item will be released on November 10, 2017.

Call of Duty: WWII Deployment Kit Edition: Prima Uber Edition Guide

Prima is pretty much THE name when it comes to these guides. Every single time a new game comes out, they come out with a new guide for that game, in particular this one deals with Call Of Duty WW2 obviously!

This comes in a hardcover and a paperback. The hardcover edition, includes more items. Hardcover:

The Call of Duty: WWII Deployment Kit Contains:

Flashlight: WWII-themed flashlight, branded with Call of Duty: WWII logo.

Canteen: Call of Duty: WWII-themed metal canteen and pouch.

Dog Tag: In-game character, Ronald “Red” Daniels’ dog tag.

Hardcover Collector’s Edition Guide: Contains a hardcover version of the complete strategy guide.

Hardcover Journal: A 192-page writing journal with a ribbon bookmark and inside pocket.

Poster: An 11”x17” poster featuring Call of Duty: WWII character artwork.

Propaganda Print: An 8”x10”, high-quality replica piece of propaganda artwork.

WWII Visual Encyclopedia by DK: Step-by-step visual history book covering the major events of World War II.


Detailed Multiplayer Maps: Critical locations revealed for every multiplayer map, including tactics for all game modes.

Divisions: Get all the Intel on the all-new Divisions, including training and weapon skills.

Nazi Zombies: Valuable tips to survive the onslaught of the undead.

A Classic Arsenal: A comprehensive overview of every weapon, score streak and piece of equipment, including detailed stats to help you build the perfect load out.

Plus More! Contains complete coverage for the new War mode, including illustrated maps, objectives, and tactics.

Free Mobile-Friendly eGuide: Includes a code to access the eGuide, a web-access version of the guide optimized for a second-screen experience.

Call of Duty WWII: Field Manual

Call of Duty: WWII: Field Manual is an engrossing collector’s item for fans of the series and a companion piece to the exhilarating Call of Duty: WWII video game.

Presented as an official combat-issued handbook owned by Private Ronald “Red” Daniels, the book pairs stunning original illustrations with an engaging narrative that showcases the statistics and history of the essential units, vehicles, weapons, and battlegrounds. This striking book also includes personal annotations and letters from Red and provides a first-hand look at various events from within the game. With Call of Duty: WWII: Field Manual, fans will have a valuable aid as they fight through Axis-occupied Europe to victory.

PS4 Slim 1TB Limited Edition Call of Duty WW2 Bundle

Featuring a limited edition Green Camouflage 1TB PlayStation 4 and matching DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller.”

This item will be released on November 3, 2017. But, you can pre-order in the meantime.

  • Note:  This is NOT the pro edition.  Its simply the Sony PS4 Slim console.

This is one that Gamers Elite wrote about yesterday – and you gotta check it out because its really NICE!

There are also a truckload of mugs, t-shirts and of course posters.

Call Of Duty, WWII Logo Photo Coffee Mug
Call Of Duty, WWII Grenade Photo Coffee Mug
Call of Duty WWII Key Art Mug
Call Of Duty, WWII Smoke Photo Coffee Mug
Call Of Duty, WWII Comic Photo Coffee Mug
Call Of Duty, WWII Push For Victory Photo Coffee Mug

Call Of Duty: WWII Wings For Victory T-Shirt
Call of Duty WWII T-shirt CoD World War 2

Official Call of Duty WWII Snapback

Call of Duty: WWII Gift Box Set