My New Xbox One Controller

For the past few years I have NOT bought a brand new Xbox One controller.  In my experience, they break after 6 months to a year anyway, so why bother really.  Its also the reason I still have not purchased an Xbox One Elite Controller.  Even though they do come with a 1 year warranty, I just cannot see myself buying a $150 controller that will break in a year – and will be out of warranty.

Well, my last Xbox One controller that I just labeled my “back up” was one I bought off of Amazon.  It actually lasted… a YEAR!  Yea believe it!  It was one of those Star Wars Menace ones.  It was white with gold details.  At first glance I wasn’t sure if I liked it (I tend to stick with boring, but sleek black).  But I bit the bullet so to speak and bought it.  It had a nice long life – but alas, it was used!

Lately, as per usual, the thumb stick has been, well, sticking.  I cannot tell you how many people complain about the same thing.  And its always the left stick!

Last week Amazon was having a deal on the Xbox One controller in black, brand new – I was going to buy one, but when I went to buy one, they were out.  So I emailed them and they said that I could pick out any controller of the same price and get that.  I ended up getting one that I was actually eyeing way back when but chickened out because I tend to stick with black controllers all too often.

I chose the Armed Forces one.  Its really cool looking – it has the 4 green camo look to it, with olive drab, hunter green and army green + black.  I really like it a lot.  The Armed Forces one is also something I wanted because I love all things military.

They also have Covert Forces which I really liked as well which is different colors of black and gray, Midnight Forces which is black and blue (super cool!). Lastly, they have one called Winter Forces which is, well, white and grey I mean I like all of these – they are all attractive, but one of the main reasons I chose the one I did was specifically because its military colors.

Armed Forces


Covert Forces

Midnight Forces

Winter Forces