New DLC For Project Cars 2 Coming Soon!

If you like cars, chances are you know that this year, Porsche is celebrating its 70th anniversary, wow! Because of the anniversary, Porsche is working with Project Cars 2 to create a special DLC pack just for its players.

The pack aptly named the Porsche Legends Pack will have a selection of 9 different cars from different eras. A few of the cars include:

Porsche 356

2017 Porsche 911 RSR

1972 917/10 Porsche

As of right now for the 9 cars that will be available in Project Cars 2, these are the 3 that were announced and that we know about, but I am sure as time goes on more cars will be announced.

According to Project Cars 2 beyond just the addition of the new cars, there will also be a brand new track that will be included; as of right now we don’t know the name, what it looks like or anything else. But, it is a real-life track, its FIA approved and its one that Porsche knows well. It will also be the first time this secret track will make its way into a game.

The Porsche Legends Pack will also include 20 new liveries, 9 new community events, 5 new career events – and they are all going to be Porsche themed.

In other news, Project Cars 2 also just got an update on PC called Title Update 1.4 – its considered to be one of the biggest updates for Project Cars 2 and fixes an array of issues PC users have been having such as glitches, bugs, errors, etc but it also improves the game and the gameplay on Project Cars 2 for PC players.

Slightly Mad Studios said that while this new update is for PC only right now, they will have it available for Project Cars 2 players on console very soon as well.

The Porsche Legends Pack will be available sometime in March of 2018 so definitely look for that!

I should also mention that right now the physical standard editions for Project Cars 2 are on sale right now.

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