More News About The Xbox Game Pass

One of the biggest complaints for people about the Xbox Game Pass is that at any time Microsoft can remove games from the catalog. I think that this makes the Xbox Game Pass iffy for people because if they are playing a game, take a break, come back to it and its gone – well its a little disheartening to say the least. And hey, I don’t blame you!

Yesterday Gamers Elite shared some news about the Xbox Game Pass and how starting in March, ALL of the games published or developed by Microsoft will be placed in the Xbox Game Pass catalog on launch day.

Awesome! I know that made a lot of people really happy.

But, one of the questions that swirled around for the past 24 hours was this: Will the Microsoft exclusives stay in the catalog for only a certain amount of time or forever?

Well, now we have an answer from Major Nelson. According to him ANY Microsoft exclusive game that gets launched and released to the Xbox Game Pass will stay there forever.

Not only will Microsoft makes its first-party exclusive games stay in the Xbox Game Pass forever, but 2nd party exclusive games as well.

Hopefully, this helps a few of you that were still on the fence.

FYI: Other services that have games like the Xbox Game Pass also do periodically remove games. EA Access, for example, delists games all the time, so it’s not like its outlandish or crazy that the Xbox Game Pass also does the same thing!

However, now you won’t have to worry about that anymore with Microsoft exclusive games using the Game Pass.

Remember, sometime around March this is when the process will begin – that is when the first Microsoft Game, Sea Of Thieves is being released. And they will also be adding a 6 month option on for the subscription service.