Nintendo Switch Demos Available Now

Nintendo Switch is becoming a very wonderful system to own. At first it didn’t have a lot of games on it when it was first released, but months later, you have dozens of games being released – not only their own exclusive games, but crossovers from other consoles like Doom.

If you’re looking for even more games to possibly add to your collection you should be aware of ALL the Nintendo Switch demo’s that are available right now.

Blaster Master Zero

Blaster Master Zero is a platform video game developed and published by Inti Creates for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch. The game is a remake of Sunsoft’s Blaster Master for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), and was released worldwide in March 2017.

The game plays similarly to the NES original. Players control the SOPHIA vehicle in the side-scrolling levels, exploring environments and defeating enemies using the tank’s various weapons. The player character Jason can also hop out of the tank to enter various passages and doors, where the view switches to an overhead perspective. Players can find various upgrades to the tank that may allow access to previously inaccessible areas. Throughout the game the player also encounters various boss characters that must be defeated to progress to later levels. A multiplayer mode allows a second player to take control of an aiming reticle to shoot at enemies.

Disgaea 5 Complete

A remaster for the Nintendo Switch was released on March 3, 2017 in Japan as a launch title for the system. This port was released in North America on May 23, 2017, and Europe and Australia on May 26, 2017; it was released in both territories under the title Disgaea 5 Complete, containing all DLC content from the original, but no new content.

The game involves the player traveling across different Netherworlds in an attempt to bring the Overlords and heirs of each different world to join forces together to fight against Void Dark. The game features new systems not seen within prior titles in the Disgaea series. In addition, the number of characters displayable on-screen has increased to 100, compared to 10 characters on the earlier PlayStation 3 titles.

Just Dance 2017

As in previous installments, players must mimic the routine of an on-screen dancer to a chosen song, scoring points based on their accuracy. For input, the game supports either the respective motion controller system for a particular console platform, or a smartphone with the game’s companion mobile app.

A new “Just Dance Machine” mode was added on current-generation console and PC versions, in which players must dance through sequences of different styles to help recharge an alien spaceship.

Just Dance 2018

New additions to the game is the new mode called Kids Mode, where it will have 8 songs with choreographies for kids. The mode is made in order for kids below 12 years of age to safely play the game. The mode is exclusive to the 8th-generation consoles.

Also exclusive to the Nintendo Switch version will be a playlist called Double Rumble, which will have 5 choreographies where players will be able to use two Joy-Con controllers to feel the vibe of the HD rumble to become a handyman, take on a 5-star restaurant, or become a cowboy.

Monster Hunter XX

Monster Hunter Generations features gameplay similar to past titles in the series. The player assumes the role of a hunter who embarks on quests to hunt dangerous creatures. A hunter’s abilities are determined by the type of armor and weapons that they wear on a quest, as the hunter otherwise has no intrinsic attributes that affect gameplay.

All fourteen weapon types from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, ranging from swords, hammers, bows, guns, and lances, are included in Monster Hunter Generations, in addition to the new Prowler mode which allows the player to take the role of a Felyne, a sentient cat-like species.


If I had a Nintendo Switch I would buy this in a millisecond. It looks super cute and a lot of fun and it almost has that Zelda feel to it. Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas is an action-adventure video game developed by Cornfox & Bros. It focuses on a boy protagonist’s quest to find his lost father and defeat the sea monster, Oceanhorn.

It was first released for iOS in November 2013, and later had ports for Android, Microsoft Windows, OS X, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation Vita.

Project Octopath Traveler

Project Octopath Traveler is a role-playing game that sports a “HD-2D” aesthetic, combining 16-bit style character sprites and textures with polygonal environments and high definition effects. The game puts players in the role of one of eight adventurers, who each begin their journey in different ways.

Each character has a unique command that can be used when interacting with NPCs. For example, Olberic can challenge characters to battle against him, while Primrose can allure characters to follow her, allowing her to summon them during battles.

Pokken Tournament DX

Pokkén Tournament is a fighting game in which two fighters battle against each other using various Pokémon, with gameplay shifting between “Field Phase” where the Pokémon move freely around the arena, and “Duel Phase” where they move relative to each other similar to the Tekken games. Unlike most arcade fighting games, which use a traditional joystick and buttons, the arcade version is played using console-style controllers, which are designed so that players who are not used to arcade sticks can get into the game more easily.

The game focuses more on action, as opposed to the more technical gameplay of Tekken, allowing both hardcore and casual fans to enjoy it. As such, players can perform various techniques taken from the Pokémon series, such as special moves and Mega Evolutions (which can be built up from attacks using a “Synergy Gauge”).

Puyo Puyo Tetris

Another one I would totally get because, uh, I LOVE TETRIS!

This is a puzzle video game developed by Sonic Team and published by Sega. The game is a crossover between the Puyo Puyo series and the Tetris franchise, and features various gameplay modes incorporating both aspects. The game includes characters modeled after the seven Tetrominos, which are different puzzle pieces each made of four blocks.

Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends received critical acclaim upon release. Many critics praised the game’s visuals, level design, controls, soundtrack, overall gameplay, and the large amount of content. Some critics went as far as calling Rayman Legends one of the best platforming video games ever made, and the game won several awards from video gaming publications. The game sold modestly, despite fairly sluggish sales in the early months of its release.

Snipperclips: Cut It Out, Together

Snipperclips is a co-operative puzzle game for up to four players. In the main World mode for one or two players, players control two characters named Snip and Clip, who each possess shaped bodies that can be rotated in place. When the two characters overlap each other, one player can snip the overlapped portion out of the other player, altering the shape of their body.

Using this mechanic, players must come up with creative ways to solve various puzzles, each with unique objectives. Objectives include fitting inside a shape template, carrying objects such as a basketball or pencil to a specific area, or cutting out a pointed end in order to pop balloons. Additionally, up to four players can play the game’s Party and Blitz modes. Party mode features unique puzzles designed for extra players, while Blitz mode features various competitive games, such as basketball, hockey, and snipping deathmatches


Voez (stylized as VOEZ) is a rhythm game developed by Rayark Games, initially released in May 2016 for iOS devices, while an Android version of the game was released one week later in June 2016. In February 2017, it was announced that the game would be released on the Nintendo Switch by Japanese game publisher Flyhigh Works,and was released in March 2017 worldwide.