Nintendo Switch EShop – New Feature

There’s nothing worse than shopping on a website online and it not having proper pages, criteria or features to break your search down.  I remember, for example, when Amazon and eBay first became a thing.  Their whole “search” option was a mess.  Over time though, they have added more options which allows you to really find the products and services you want.

If you’ve ever shopped on the Nintendo Switch EShop you probably noticed the same thing I did – its organized, and yet it seems like there are a few features that are missing. Well, the Nintendo Switch EShop fixed that by adding a new Games On Sale tab.

So far the list is pretty small, but I have a feeling as time goes on we will see more and more games aded to the Nintendo Switch EShop sales list.

However, I did notice a glitch. If you scroll down the list in the Nintendo Switch EShop and you click the “see more games on sale” button, you will then be taken to a new page where…. all the games are now gone. I think they just need to work out the kinks. Even the URL is suddenly weird:|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|true|-|-|-|-|featured|des|-

If you go to the main page of the Nintendo EShop, scroll down, go to Nintendo Switch Games, then put On Sale – 2 games show up.

I would give it a few more days since they literally just added this new feature. Hopefully in the next coming days everything will get fixed in the Nintendo Switch Eshop!