OH/RW106/NR DXRacing Chair Review

I actually didn’t plan on doing a review for this chair.  Its a chair from 2015 – Ill explain that down below, but I figured since I got it and since I have Gamers Elite – and you guys like reviews, I would go ahead and do a review.

I got this chair because my other gaming chair broke AND my office chair needed to be updated. I was under the assumption that DXRacer was one of the better options for both work and play, which is why I chose this company instead of the thousands of others.

I also have a bad back so I needed a chair that had good support.

OH/RW106 Setting It Up

The OH/RW106 was actually pretty easy to set up. As per usual with anything you have to put together, at first glance, it seems daunting and overwhelming. DXRacer does give you instructions, but they also have videos for all of their chairs as well so you can visually see what you need to do step by step.

OH/RW106 Construction

While putting the chair together, I did notice a few pieces that were missing fabric altogether. One section is the main part of the seat – and gets hidden by the bucket. There are 2 “caps” that you place on the armrests to cover up the screws. One cap went on fine. The other one keeps popping off, no matter how well I think its connected to the screws.

I also noted that even though I set it up properly, this chair is quite wobbly. Not only does it wobble front to back while readjusting my seating position, but side to side as well.

OH/RW106 Design

I got the black chair with grey. I wanted something that was sort of neutral and would go with everything in my room – today, next year, perhaps the year after that. Its a mix of faux leather and synthetic materials. Its nice enough to look at and I am glad I didn’t go with something like red and black or green and black because that would definitely clash with my room!

OH/RW106 The Functional Parts

The OH/RW106, like a lot of the other chairs they offer have armrests that you can adjust the height for. While I do like this, it also seems, ugh chintzy, There that’s a good word. The armrests and the foundation that the armrests are on are made from plastic. While the chair itself is constructed well, I can see the armrests being the first things to break. They are wobbly. They are plastic. There’s a little lever that changes the height, etc.

The chair, overall, is pretty comfortable. However, I got this specific one because it’s supposed to be for people that are a maximum of 6″1. Well. I am 6″1. I have long legs and I find that the bucket could just be a tad longer. The OH/RW106 is 21 inches – which means the length of the seat you sit on is only 21 inches. That for me is a sad issue. I feel like most of my legs are not even on the chair, which makes for an awkward feeling.

The OH/RW106 also has wings on the sides of the chair. Personally, for me, I find that these wings are annoying. I know its part of the “style” of the chair, but I have been sitting in it for a good 3 hours and I find that these wings, albeit a part of the design and style, are annoying. I am not “big” (wide) by any means, but I simply cannot see someone who is (as the website says) 180 to 200lbs sitting in this chair comfortably.

The OH/RW106 also has a height adjustment on the seat, conventional tilt, and an angle adjuster. The height adjustment is fine, however, I find that its a little odd that they put the lever further toward the rear. I have had levers like this in every other chair I have owned and the lever is always in the middle (between the back and the front) of the chair for easy access. I also find that the adjuster is:

1- Dangerous as heck. Really. Do not get this for your kids because chances are their fingers will get pinched.

2- It sort of makes leaning back in the chair using the tilt, more difficult. I guess its the way its set up, but I would have rather had an either or option. Either the ability to lean back with my own weight or the adjuster. Adding both just seems silly first off. Second off, as I said it makes it more difficult to push it back on your own.

3- The adjustor, like the caps for the armrests, just feels really cheap to me.  Its located on the side of the chair as well, but further up than the height adjustment for the chair.

Price of the OH/RW106

This wasn’t a cheap chair so I am honestly kind of surprised and upset that it works out the way it does. The chair was purchased by me via the DXRacer.com website.  No, this is not a sponsor.  This is not an affiliate review – you will see no links in this article at all.  Its just a review by me!

On the website, the OH/RW106 is $300. In my opinion, that calls for a much nicer chair, but looking at their other chairs that go up to $500, $600 even $800 or more, I guess I got a bargain.

Custom Service

I will say that the customer service was superb. I did ask a few questions before making my purchase and I received a reply from Melissa VERY quickly. However, when I asked what chair she thought would be the best for me, she sent me to King Series, the Iron Series, or the Classic Series chairs.

The King Series start at $440
The Iron Series start at $440
The Classic Series start at $400

I knew that those prices were simply too steep for me, for right now.

DXracer also has a warranty. According to their website: 2-year for Accessories, Lifetime for Frame.

In the end, I am a happy go lucky type of person – I am glad I got a new chair, I just wish that certain parts of the chair were different. They do offer refunds – however, they make YOU pay for the return of the shipping and handling and if you opened the package like I did, you have to pay an extra 20% restocking fee.

I plan to try it out for a few weeks and see if the chair starts to feel more comfortable and if I can get used to it. I have 30 days.

Usually I give products a number rated review. For now I will give this chair a 4.5 out of 10. Definitely could have been better.  Definitely disappointed to say the least.  Especially considering now I have to pay to ship it back lol and pay for a restocking fee.  I feel like websites that offer furniture should not do this.

How are YOU really supposed to know if you will like something or not?  How are YOU supposed to know if it will fit your body or not?  You don’t.  So its unfortunate that while DxRacer is supposed to be a good brand and a quality company that I will now have to probably pay, what, $100 for shipping it back + a restocking fee.

This isn’t to say all of their chairs are horrible.  Many people, gamers and consumers alike, love this company and their chairs.  But for me?  Right now?  I am full of regret.