Omen By HP Gaming Set Gamers Elite Discount Codes

If you play on PC and you’ve been looking to purchase some new gear for your PC gaming, this is the blog for you. I have a special code specifically for the OMEN HP gaming mouse, gaming headset and gaming keyboard. You can check out the links and the information below.

OMEN by HP Wired USB Gaming Mouse 600 (Black/Red)

– Victory is a group effort, and bringing the right tools can make you go from average teammate to the team’s backbone. The OMEN Mouse 600 is engineered with precision at the forefront, so you can focus on split-second decisions without thinking twice about that overtime countdown.

– DPI levels from 800–12,000: Fine-tune your accuracy with a full range of DPI levels and an optical sensor designed for eSports

– Easily adjustable settings: Buttons on the mouse let you adjust settings without interrupting your gameplay or opening additional software

– Removable weights: Customize the center of gravity using three removable weights

– Mechanical switches: Optimized so you get fast response times while withstanding the pressure of up to 50 million clicks

Link:  This special link gives you $10 off the mouse.

OMEN by HP Wired Gaming Headset 800 (Black/Red)

– When the difference between the kill-of-the-century and staring down a kill-cam is one critical move away, communication is crucial. With comfort and clarity under control, you’re fully immersed in your environment, and able to communicate with your team as if they’re right there with you.

– 53 millimeter driver with a large diameter: Produces each and every footstep with amazing clarity

– Multidimensional audio: Select the custom DTS Headphone:X profile built into most OMEN by HP PCs for a heightened surround sound experience

– Lightweight suspension headband: Evenly distributes its weight for incredible comfort during extended gameplay

– Synthetic leather-wrapped ear cups: Comfortably designed to block out distracting background noise

Link:  This special link gives you $13 off the headset

OMEN by HP Wired USB Gaming Keyboard 1100 (Black/Red)

– Command a destructive symphony of keystrokes, with a mechanical keyboard crafted for high-caliber competition. Anti-ghosting with N-key rollover and ultra-responsive Blue mechanical switches deliver the agility you need to maneuver past the choke point, match after match.

– Master-class mechanical switches: Renowned Blue mechanical switches offer next-level responsiveness and a 50 million keystroke life span

– Every move matters: No matter how many keys are activated at once, every key press is detected

– Illuminate your accuracy: Prevent miss-keying and watch every key glow a deep red with its own dedicated LED

Link:  This special link gives you $17 off the keyboard

You have to use these special discount links before November 15th, otherwise they expire.