Perception Achievement List

Perception was listed on quite a few websites as being one of the best horror and suspense games around. The entire story follows a woman named Cassie who is placed in a “scene” that has been haunting her dreams for awhile now – its an abandoned mansion in Gloucester Massachusetts known as Estate At Echo Bluff. The protagonist, Cassie not only has to deal with an entity known as The Presence in the mansion, but to top it all off.. she is also blind.

The game doesn’t allow Cassie to fight back per se. The only thing she can do is run and hide, but she can also use noises to make her way through the mansion without running into the Presence. Unfortunately The Presence will also attract the Presence. You, the player, will need to have a proportionality of timing, movement and also noise.

From what I have seen from the trailers and game play, it looks pretty scary. Not exactly a game I would be interested in per se, but I know a lot of people out there like these types of games!

The game score for the game has over 1000GS and it equals out to 32 achievements. Unlike in other games, none of the achievements on this list are secret.

Name Description Gamerscore
Ceres The galaxy is at peace 10
Lloyd Best damn bartender 10
Maximized What we do in life… 20
Like It’s Hot 1 Found 2 Poppets in Chapter 1 25
Like It’s Hot 2 Found 2 Poppets in Chapter 2 25
Like It’s Hot 3 Found 2 Poppets in Chapter 3 25
Like It’s Hot 4 Found 2 Poppets in Chapter 4 25
The Doll Collector Found every poppet 50
I Hear Things Out Here Found out what happened to the animals 20
Briar Memento Found all touchstones in Chapter 1 25
Van Hout Memento Found all touchstones in Chapter 2 25
Bosch Memento Found all touchstones in Chapter 3 25
Durham Memento Found all touchstones in Chapter 4 25
Touching Found every touchstone 100
Master of… Got the key from the good Doctor 5
Behind You… Turn around… 10
Giddy Socialite Found Kirby 10
Wind Completed Chapter 1 25
Water Completed Chapter 2 25
Earth Completed Chapter 3 25
Fire Completed Chapter 4 25
Spirit Completed every chapter 100
Tickled Pink Listened to every Dearest Pinky song 10
Kicked Found 5 backer letters 10
Backed Found the backer recording 10
Still Doing This Is it going to get old? 5
200.60% Got every other achievement in the game 100
For Susannah Found Susannah’s sanctum 15
Overlooked Never captured by The Presence 100
Quiet Knoll Completed without tapping 100
Mashi Found Nanci Chang’s takeout menu 5
Snoop Listened to all of Cassie’s messages 10