Play Battlefield 1 DLC’s For Free This Week!

I am no stranger to Battlefield 1 DLC’s, although usually I just buy the Premium pass ahead of time! If you’re curious about trying the newest DLC’s out for Battlefield 1 – In The Name Of The Tsar and They Shall Not Pass, you should be aware that both DLCs are going to be free! This will give you a good way to play the DLC and then if you like them – awesome, you can buy the DLC or get the Season Pass for Battlefield 1.

The free DLCs for Battlefield 1 will be available from today until the 22nd of January. You can play them both as much as you want for as long as you want.

In The Name Of The Tsar

Join forces with the Russian army, including the Women’s Battalion of Death represented by the Scout class. Play as the largest army in the world – on the largest front of WW1.

Expand your arsenal with 11 new, Russian-themed weapons including the Mosin-Nagant M91, together with new melee weapons, and the Russian Standard 1912 grenade.

Pilot the massive Ilya-Muromets Heavy Bomber, wield the amped-up firepower of the Putilov-Garford Heavy Armored Car and spawn strategically on the Y-Lighter Landing Craft.

Join a fast-paced fight for supplies on the Eastern Front as planes airdrop everything needed to outgun and outscore your opponents.

Defend your positions with a new stationary weapon: the powerful coastal gun batteries.

They Shall Not Pass

Hardened and fearless, the French join the fight. Don the faction’s characteristic blue uniform and defend your homeland.

Spawn in the Char 2C tank and control an epic new behemoth. Based on the real-world French tank, this super-heavy beast may turn the tide of the entire battle.

The St. Chamond was the most heavily armed allied tank of the war. Dominate the battlefield with this impressive French construction.

Use the melee skills of the new Elite Class: the Trench Raider. With the brutal Raider Club and impressive grenade arsenal, you will be a terrifying sight.

Similar to a Field Gun, the Siege Howitzer can be operated by an infantry player. This new stationary weapon is operated through indirect aiming/firing in the same vein as mortars and artillery in vehicles.

Tackle two new epic Operations: The Devil’s Anvil and Beyond the Marne. Take part in massive tank battles and intense close-quarters fighting.

So far Battlefield 1 has not made any mention as to if the progress would carry over or how achievements will work but I think it’s pretty safe to say that progress WILL carry over and those achievements will be made available to you.

Also, if you own Battlefield 1 and you missed out on the Prise de Tahure – it was originally only for Premium Pass owners, you will also be glad to know that this is available to everyone even if you don’t have the premium pass for Battlefield 1.