Project Cars 2 Demo Available On Xbox

I, as a person that loves cars and driving games, knows that when it comes to racing games in the past – you had very few options available. Even when I was younger and played on my Playstation, you pretty much had Gran Turismo and that was it!

Nowadays though, whether you play on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch or another device altogether, you have a lot of different choices available to you. Even better, you have demos coming out for these games all the time so that you can try them before you buy them.

In fact, I wish every game had a demo because then we could try them out and make a better decision when it came to buying them!

I already have Project Cars 2 because it was either a game that was on sale or it came with games with gold. However, if you do not have it, and you want to check it out – before buying it, Xbox has a demo available now.

“Soon after the success of Project CARS after the May 2015 release, funding began to open for Project CARS 2 on 22 June 2015. World of Mass Development and Slightly Mad Studios opened donations through the “Project CARS 2 official forum”. Forum members and visitors choosing to donate had the option to using membership through the forums. In exchange, donors could gain access to development builds and voice thoughts, opinions, and suggestions to the critical to the progress of the game.”

To be quite honest: I would rather play another game, NFS or FH3, but hey to each their own.

When the game first came out, Project Cars 2 received “eh” reviews. IGN rated it at a high 9.2 out of 10, meanwhile, EGM gave it a 6/10, Game Informer gave it a 7.75/10, GameSpot gave it a 7/10, etc.

I will give them credit for getting into the car game, but it just feels too thrown together. Like they didn’t even try they just thought, well racing games are really popular right now, so let’s make one quickly, get it out there, and see how much money we can make.

One of the biggest issues people had with the game was all the glitches, errors and blunders they had in the game.

To be fair; I probably would have liked the game more, if I liked Forza Motorsport more. But, I’m not that type of racing game lover. I like open roads like you find in Need For Speed or Forza Horizon 3. But, that;’s not BANDAI’s fault; that’s just me and what I like to play!

The Project Cars 2 Demo on Xbox has 21 reviews; at a 3.3 out of 5. A lot of the same complaints from above; bad handling, lots of bugs, sound issues, graphics issues, etc.

But… it is a demo. So go play it, see if you like it or not. If not – guess what? You get to uninstall! If you love it, good, I’m glad you found a game that you love.

For me; it’s just not the most earth-shattering game I thought it would be / could be.