Railway Empire Achievements List Available

If you’re one of those people that love games where you build things – you will probably love Railway Empire because that is exactly the premise of the game. The game actually looks very cool and might especially be good for someone that LOVES trains.

In Railway Empire, you will create an elaborate and wide-ranging rail network, purchase over 40 different trains modeled in extraordinary detail, and buy or build railway stations, maintenance buildings, factories and tourist attractions to keep your travel network ahead of the competition.

The official release of Railway Empire is coming up quite quickly – Jan 26, 2018.

If you already have your pre-order, I have the achievement list which you will probably be interested in checking out, below! If you have not pre-ordered the game, I would suggest at least checking it!

Railway Empire PC
Railway Empire PS4
Railway Empire Xbox One

Railway Empire Achievements List:

Name Description Gamerscore
From A to B 2 cities connected 10
Jumbled routes 10 cities connected 20
Lost my train of thought Connect all cities in one game 30
Quiet times 20 locomotives in use 10
Lots of traffic today 50 locomotives in use 20
Traffic chaos 100 locomotives in use 30
I’ll scratch your back if… 5 rural businesses connected 10
Favoritism 20 rural businesses connected 20
Bridging the gap Build a long bridge 20
Right through the middle Build a long tunnel 20
Tent camp Relocate an Indian village 10
Track to the Future Unlock all locomotives of the era 1830 30
TRAINing Day Unlock all locomotives from the 1850s 30
Train or Die Unlock all locomotives from the 1870s 30
Railway to Hell Unlock all locomotives from the 1890s 30
Train Jam Unlock all locomotives from the 1910s 30
Easy come, easy go Invest $2 million in the stock market 20
Bold and beautiful Invest $5 million in company shares 20
All mine! Buy out a competitor 30
What is a steam engine First locomotive purchased 10
The future of the railway First diesel locomotive purchased 20
Isn’t that great First attraction built 10
Eager to learn Build 10 different universities in one game 30
That belongs in a museum Build 5 different museums in one game 20
All beginnings are difficult Own an industry 10
Egomaniac Own 10 industries 20
No brakes on the hype train First express train in use 10
Full steam ahead First engineer recruited 10
Fully loaded A fully staffed train 20
Medium-sized business You have 50 employees 30
Let off some steam Sabotage a competitor 10
Mountain goat Chapter 1: Connect Omaha to Rock Springs 10
Mantled guereza Chapter 2: Deliver clothing to New York 10
Bull and bear Chapter 3: Take over a competitor 10
Gun dog Chapter 4: Transport weapons to Knoxville 10
Bookworm Chapter 5: Build a university in San Francisco 10
Historic moment Campaign successfully completed 50
Let’s go! First scenario successfully completed 10
Perfectionist Complete all scenarios 30
Cowboy Complete a scenario in region “The North-West” as president 10
Lone wolf Complete a scenario in region “The North” as president 10
Trainee mechanic Complete a scenario in region “The Midwest” as president 10
Megalomaniac Complete a scenario in region “The East” as president 10
Sunny boy Complete a scenario in region “The West” as president 10
Oil Tycoon Complete a scenario in region “The South” as president 10
Hillbilly Complete a scenario in region “The South-East” as president 10
Lightning flash Set a speed record 10
Monopolist Produce 80% of an item in the entire region 30
Mystery steam ride Transport 1000 passengers in one game 20
Online – Shop Transport 1200 packages in one game 20
Fill her up, please A warehouse has loaded 1000 railcars 20
Go with the flow Produce 100 railcars of oil in one game 10
The age of the automobile Produce 100 railcars full of cars 20
Auctioneer Win 5 auctions in one game 20
No dough, no show! Receive 5 city bonuses in one game 20