Reminder: Overwatch Lunar New Year Event Available Now

Overwatch has announced that they will be having another Lunar New Year this year! The Overwatch event will kick off on February 9th.

The aptly named year Of The Dog event is, of course, a follow up to last years event of the Rooster. The Rooster brought in a lot of new skins, some sprays, and a few new emotes so its only safe to say that the Overwatch 2018 event for the Lunar New Year will also bring in some of the same items.

(Rooster: Year of the Rooster was a Lunar New Year-based seasonal event in Overwatch that started on January 24, 2017, and ended on February 13, 2017. The event included a new capture-the-flag brawl mode, Capture the Rooster, which takes place in a modified seasonal Lijiang Tower reskin.

The event also contained a Lunar New Year reskin of Lijiang Tower, 2 special achievements and a limited series of items, which could be earned through special Loot Boxes and unlocked through the Hero Gallery. All event-exclusive content became unobtainable once the event ended.)

So far Blizzard hasn’t said much about the new event for Overwatch but chances are we will also see a new mode. if you haven’t checked out Custom games in awhile, you might not have noticed that they added a new game mode to that section – capture the flag. Does this possibly mean that this is the new mode they could be bringing to Overwatch for the Lunar New Year? Yes.

But so far nothing has been verified.

We do know that for the Lunar New Year event in Overwatch that Rooster skins from last year will be made available again, this time at a discounted cost. The characters skins from last years event were inspired by Journey To The West.

Stay tuned for more information on the event.