Rime – Pre-Order Information!

Tequila Works doesn’t have many games under their belt – only 3 including the newest one coming out this year, but one that you might remember is Deadlight – a survival zombie game.

The game is intended as a throwback and homage to the classic side-scrolling cinematic platformers of the 1980s and early 1990s, such as Prince of Persia, Another World, and Flashback. Set in Seattle in 1986, the game tells the story of Randall Wayne, a former park ranger who sets out to find his family in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. Separated from the group with whom he has joined, Wayne must attempt to traverse Seattle to get to the “safe zone”, where he believes his family will be waiting. On the way, however, he must avoid both zombie hordes and a group of vigilantes known as the “New Law”, who have established themselves as the de facto authority in Seattle. As he travels across the city, he begins to question his memory of the events during the early stages of the outbreak.”

Nonetheless, even though Tequila Works doesn’t have a lot of games out there, they still have proven themselves to be a memorable developer in video games with just that title alone. On May 26th they will be releasing another brand new game called Rime. Rime was actually supposed to be released awhile ago and was green lit by Microsoft and then rejected some time after. Rime was then picked up by Sony and was supposed to be a game that was only available on PlayStation 4, but later was decided it would be released on the two other consoles. You might remember seeing the trailer at E3 in 2016 for Rime, if not here it is again:

If this game looks interesting to you, you have about 18 days from my writing about it now, to get the pre-order for it. The pre-order only has a standard issue, but one good thing is that its quite cheaper than other games being released these days. If you would like to pre-order time or take a look at some of the other information provided for Rime here are some links to check out.

Xbox One – Rime – Physical Edition
PlayStation 4 – Rime – Physical Edition
Switch – Rime – Physical Edition