Sniper Ghost Warrior – Huge Sale On Steam!

If you like PC games and you’ve been waiting for Sniper Ghost Warrior to go on sale, well, you got your wish. If you like FPS and you don’t know what SGW is, well, jeez you’re missing out! I have 2 for Xbox One and I love it. It’s very similar to Sniper Elite – which I also own!

“The game is based on the role of the military sniper, which according to the developer has gained public interest thanks in large part to shows on channels like the History Channel or the Military Channel. The game’s objective is to insert players into the role of an elite sniper team sent into a hostile area in an attempt to help the rebels of Isla Trueno, a fictitious Latin American country, fight against the force who has toppled their government in a coup d’├ętat.”

While Steam has a lot of games on sale right now, the top 3 games on the list with the highest discounts / most sales; Sniper Ghost Warrior 1, Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 and Sniper Ghost Warrior 3. Sniper Ghost Warrior 1 and 2 are discounted at 80% and Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 is discounted at 34%. Prices are as follows:

Game 1 – $1.59

Game 2 – $1.99

Game 3 – $19.79

Plus they are having a lot of sales on specials like the Collectors edition which is only $13.49, the Trilogy which is only $3.99 and the Franchise Complete Pack which is almost 50% off at $45.54

The DLC’s all seem to be on sale for ALL the games as well. For example, for game 2 the Hunter Pack is 85% off, the Siberian Strike Pack is 90% off and the Digital Extras are also 80% off.

So if you like these types of games and you want an amazing sale check out Steam ASAP. On the other hand, if you want something different, Steam still has you covered because right now they are still on their Holiday Sale, which I believe ends on January 12th which means pretty much everything on the website is for sale.

Chances are you got a few Steam gift cards for Christmas – I know I gave a few out to friends and family for this specific occasion because I knew the Holiday Sale was coming up!

On the off chance you don’t play PC games, you should be aware that the PS and Xbox also have versions that are on sale as well, which I will list below.