Sony PS4 Is Redesigning Their Headset After 7 Years

PS4 has recently announced that after 7 years, they will finally be updating the design and overall look and feel of their PS4 Gold headset.

The PS4 headset has been the same since it was first introduced back in 2011. While they plan on keeping the same price point – $100, they say that the PS4 headset will be made better, have thicker ear cups for better comfort and the design aspect of the headset will bring it much closer to the Platinum headset.

A few other things will be changing on the PS4 headset as well. The old headset had blue colored accents on the headband

The new PS4 headset will also be removing the hinges on the headband – this was good for people that wanted a foldable and easy to store headset. But, times are a changing!

According to the Product marketing manager, Steve Schwartz, the thicker and bigger ear cups will make the PS4 headset more comfortable and allow you to play for longer without discomfort. He has also said that the new headset will feature a 7.1 virtual surround sound option as well as microphone noise cancellation. Included in the package (as you can see in the image below) you will also receive a 3.5mm audio cable – this makes it work with VR and mobile devices as well.

Like with the original device from 2011, the PS4 headset will also be wireless and it will come with a USB dongle for your headset.

Designed with PlayStation 4 games in mind, the new Gold Wireless Headset will be compatible with the PlayStation Headset Companion app, which features a number of custom audio modes. Schwartz stated that the headset will be available “in the next few weeks.”

So far there are no updates on whether the Silver or Platinum headsets will be going through a design change too or not. Right now it’s only the Gold Edition.

As soon as the new headsets are available, I will notify you via Gamers Elite.