Sony VR To See An Increase In Games in 2018

Sony VR has become one of the biggest libraries for Virtual Reality – beyond just PC. But, even though its one of the biggest – right now there are around 150 titles that are available using Sony VR, Sony wants to UP this number, by.. a LOT.

Sony VR said that they would like to increase their library by 80% just in 2018 alone. That means that while the variety of titles available right now is really good, the numbers should go up to 280 titles.

This was just recently announced as Sony VR has officially hit the milestone of 2 million VR units being sold!

Personally, I wish that Microsoft would do something revolving around VR, but for some reason, as of yet they have not!

Sony has really put some work into Sony VR though; they offer in-home trial kits, they do a not of marketing for the VR system and games, they try to do sales and discounts whenever possible, etc.

One of the biggest reasons why Sony has said that they want to increase the library from 150 titles to 280 is because they want to give their players a reason to purchase the VR system itself.

With 150 titles, even though this seems like a good amount, we know as gamers that the more options; the better. According to Sony, they know that the VR system will become even more popular and they (Sony) will see more sales for the VR system once they start adding more titles to the library. Makes sense!

In October, the price of the PlayStation VR unit dropped, which actually triggered companies like Capcom and Bandai Namco to publish titles for the device.

The Sony VR now features a planetarium and the ability to watch movies in 360-degree space, which adds to the fact that the library of games will almost double in the coming year.

So what do you think? Is the increase of games going to make you want to go out and buy a VR system? Or do you think you’ll wait a while longer?