Star Wars Battlefront 2 – Multiplayer Overview

Last night I spent some time playing the Star Wars Battlefront 2 Multiplayer Beta. Right off the bat, I noticed that while the game was still quite the same as the first one, it was also very different.

The 2015 version was one I was really looking forward to. I mean, its Star Wars! But, unfortunately a year afterward I easily gave up the game and bought, I’m sure, something better after trading it in. The 2015 version was lacking. Not only in quality content but the game itself in terms of game play and the characters we got to choose from, was lacking as well.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 brings back classes and it reworked how bonuses are put into place. The game isn’t revolutionary, thousands of games before it have added the same types of “classes” but its significantly different and better than the first game.

Whether you are trying to capture something or you are blowing ships up on Starfighter Assault, the game, in itself, seems more organized and more streamlined to say the least.

Players can choose from 4 different classes:

Assault: Assault and heavy classes are standard infantry units that can swarm objectives with heavy firepower.

Heavy: About the same as assault, but these weapons even offer more firepower.

Officer: The officer buffs nearby allies to give them more health and boost their damage.

Specialist: This class can mark enemies with thermal binoculars and use sniper rifles.

Another thing I noticed about the “menu” in the game on the new game was that everything was a little more compartmentalized and easy to figure out. Even though i had the first game for a year, I still stumbled into the menu every time I played. It was just too confusing, too overwhelming, and too difficult to pick how you wanted to play.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 on the other hand is much easier to understand, much quicker to get started, and its much easier to access the classes and quickly choose what type of weapons and abilities you want to play with.

As a Star Wars Battlefront vet (owning the previous game), I got 1 special crate and 2 extra crates. One was a special for playing the beta, one was a special for leveling up, and one was specifically for being a vet. Each crate, depending on the size will depend on how “special” the crate is. In one crate I received a gun and a few other gimmicky items, while in another crate I received a ship.

While you play Star Wars Battlefront 2 you earn points called Battle points, these points allow you to spawn in as a special unit. That means if you are playing Starfighter assault, and you are playing well enough, you can actually save up your points and spawn out as a Starfighter. Or perhaps you are playing another objective based game and you save up enough points to spawn out at Darth Maul. Random pick ups are no longer a thing in this game. If you remember, in the previous game you could spawn out as Darth for example, but it was a pick up you had to get to and you had X amount of people running for the same objective. In a lot of cases someone else would beat you to the pick up.

Either way, the battle points are a rewarding way (and an incentive) to play well and play a lot. It also gives people an incentive to actually PTO.

The game itself, in terms of graphics is fantastic. That’s saying something considering I thought the graphics for the first game were also quite good. But, its not just the graphics in Star Wars Battlefront 2 that i like. Its the sounds, its the environment you’re in, its the different layers of textures and colors. It all works very well together.

I would say the only downside to Star Wars Battlefront 2 is the fact that Star Cards are back at it again. The Star Cards allow you to equip cards that will give your character a certain bonus. For example, one card might give you an XP boost if you kill via melee, or another star card might cool your turbo boosts in Starfighter Assault, while another will allow you to turn your gun into a mini-gun and demolish everyone. While I like the Star Cards personally, it seems like my star cards do minimal while the opposing teams, always kick my butt.

To top it off, Star Cards can be purchased in game. So if Little Tommy just got done doing his chores and has $100 and you don’t, he can go and buy the heck out of the Star Cards. That means he could get many more superior Star Cards than I ever would by NOT purchasing them and instead earning them through the game. Its like a never winning battle. I would hope they change this before the game comes out. But, then again, many sites including Gamers Elite warned future players about micro transactions possibly making their way into Star Wars Battlefront 2.

Well. The game comes out pretty soon, so I guess we will see whether they change this completely, remove it completely, or keep it the same.

Either way, I had a lot of fun in the beta and I definitely plan on playing some more today. I would suggest that if you either owned the previous game or you have not pre-ordered already, that you check the beta out. Its 100% free and its open so everyone can try it out.

If you do end up pre-ordering it, I would really appreciate it if you could do so here, so I get credit for it :o)

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