Star Wars Battlefront 2 – Reviews ‘Round The Web Early Access

As promised yesterday on Gamers Elite, this is the Reviews ‘Round The Web for Star Wars Battlefront 2. I will be doing another one of these once the game is officially released, but for those with early access here are some reviews in progress.

Hobby Consoles – 91/100

“DICE, Criterion and Motive join forces to give us a game worthy of the Force. They have learned their lesson and, this time, we have the Star Wars game we all deserve, with enough variety and a lot of content for every kind of player.”

CogConnected – 86/100

“It’s clear that the developers have been paying close attention to player feedback, as this feels like a significant improvement over the previous entry in the series. Major additions like the single-player campaign, the revamped Star Card system and the streamlined game modes all make for a much more robust moment-to-moment playthrough. There’s still room for improvement with the loot box system, but it’s already been fixed once, and there’s every chance that it’s only going to get better. The look and feel of Star Wars has been expertly captured in every inch of this game, while the battles are a faithful homage to the most exciting conflicts in the entire series.”

Games Radar – 80/100

“A very strong multiplayer offering tarnished by overly complicated character progression, and a lavish, beautiful story campaign lacking in substance or subtlety.”

XGN – 85/100

“Star Wars Battlefront 2 manages to deliver a great multiplayer experience that the previous game couldn’t. Although the campaign is relatively short with its 4 hours, the online portion makes up for that with fast-pace action.”

Gaming Trend – 80/100

“I had a ton of fun playing Star Wars Battlefront II. It executes on presenting the Star Wars universe near-perfectly. The sights and sounds of lightsabers and blaster fire encapsulate every child-like midichlorian in your body. The campaign, while disappointing, is a small part of the complete package. There is enough content to keep you busy for dozens of hours, but the progression system may need an overhaul if EA wants to keep a strong multiplayer audience engaged.”

Digital Trends – 70/100

“There’s something special about the Battlefront games, and how they capture the excitement of the beloved films. Star Wars: Battlefront II excels on that front, like its predecessor did, and does it in a smarter, more interesting way. It also offers much more of that experience, with a single-player campaign and plenty of multiplayer modes rounding what feels like a fairly complete package…Still, Battlefront II is much less of a sequel than the Battlefront done correctly. It feels the same, and carries all the same problems, as its predecessor. With a fun but ultimately unremarkable single-player story, returning to Battlefront probably won’t blow many fans’ minds.”

Game Spot – 60/100 (provisional)

“While its main narrative feels unresolved, and the general loop of the multiplayer carries a number of issues, Star Wars Battlefront 2 still manages to evoke that same sense of joy and excitement found in the core of what the series is all about. But as it stands, the biggest hurdle that Battlefront II will need to overcome–for its simultaneous attempts to balance microtransactions with genuine feeling of accomplishments–is deciding on what type of game it wants to be.”

IGN – 70/100 (provisional)

“I find my opinion of Battlefront 2 shifts depending on what I choose to expect from it. If I’m looking for a rich Star Wars story alongside a deep competitive shooter, this definitely isn’t it. But in terms of delivering on that Star Wars fantasy, jumping from corner to corner of the galaxy to see as much as it has to offer, Star Wars Battlefront 2 succeeds in a very fun way. I’m just not sure there’s enough here to keep me interested for very long.”

Polygon – No Score Yet

“After playing a limited selection of single- and multiplayer parts of Star Wars Battlefront 2, I’m optimistic that this game will find favor with fans of the last game, as well as with Star Wars enthusiasts who are looking for a varied world that caters to different skill levels.”