Steep – Expansion Pass – Pre-Order Information

For some reason, I hate all those NFL, NHL, NBA games ha (sorry guys!), but I have always loved the skateboarding and snowboarding games. I remember always playing the Tony Hawk series on my Playstation and absolutely loving it – even without the hacks! On my Xbox 360, I absolutely loved SSX, Stoked, and Amped. Man, who can forget Amped! When E3 was shown back in 2016 I saw Steep and I thought heck yeah I am definitely getting that! Unfortunately, I never got around to it. 2016 was a busy busy busy year with all the games I pre-ordered so I ended up actually making lists. Need Now and Want Later. Steep ended up on the Want Later list but apparently, that has gone on longer than I intended it to!

Steep is still available, of course, for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. But they are also releasing a new expansion called Road To The Olympics. This will not be available until at least 2018 but for good reason – there is also no pre-order information as of right now. But if you’re like me and you kept saying you wanted the base game but never got around to it, the prices have dropped for the physical copies and are still the same price for the Digital Editions. It really depends on what you like better physical or digital.

The Expansion will not be available until 2018 because its going to coincide with the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Games, because of this, you will also be traveling to Korea and Japan in the game!

You can find the links for Steep below.

Playstation 4 Standard Game 
Xbox One Standard Game 
Xbox One Digital Code Standard Game 
PC Download Standard Game 
PS4 Digital Code Standard Game 

There is also a Gold Edition
PS4 Digital Code 
Xbox One Physical Edition 

Gold Edition is definitely worth it:

EXTEND YOUR STEEP EXPERIENCE – Get the game and the season pass giving you access to all the major expansions as well as additional digital content for even more thrilling rides.

GET AN EXCLUSIVE BONUS – Suit up in style with the fun costume, only in the Gold Edition.

RIDE YOUR WAY – Conquer the world’s most epic mountains on skis, wingsuits, snowboards, and paragliders.

LIVE UNFORGETTABLE MOMENTS WITH OTHERS – Ride solo or drop in next to other players to share thrilling, adrenaline-fueled rides.

PUT YOUR SKILLS TO THE TEST – Prove that you’re king of the mountain in unique and spectacular challenges.

And a Season Pass for Xbox One  and PS4