Super Lucky’s Tale – Pre-Order Information

I remember seeing this game at the Microsoft E3 Press Conference – it looks like a really fun game and its an Xbox One Exclusive Game!

At first glance, you will notice that Super Lucky’s Tale has an almost Sonic/Crash Bandicoot look to it in terms of the character. The game also plays a lot like these 2 games plus Super Mario which is always welcome in my book. If you’re tired of playing Mass Effect, COD, Battlefield or whatever other game and you just want to sit back and relax and enjoy a fun game; Super Lucky’s Tale is the game for you.

Game Summary: Welcome to Adventure! “Super Lucky’s Tale” is a delightful, playground platformer for all ages that follows Lucky, the ever-optimistic, energetic, and lovable hero, on his quest to find his inner strength and help his sister rescue the Book of Ages from Jinx. Jinx is the scheming and mysterious villain trying to reshape the world, but for what reason? Along the way, encounter a hilarious supporting cast of friends and adversaries. Lucky must confront the nefarious Kitty Litter, Jinx’s mischievous kids – self-taught villains who might not be getting Jinx’s plans quite right. Lucky meets friends and allies along the way too.

He meets misplaced Yetis, Kooky Spookies, a village of farming worms, and other colorful friends inhabiting the Book of Ages. Test your skills with carnival attraction mini-games and nerve-wracking obstacle courses. Plus, surprise “Jinx Levels” popping up when you least expect them, drawing Lucky into a fiendish game of life and death. Explore hidden secrets of new worlds with Lucky’s signature burrow move. Dive into unpredictable foxholes, or try devilish side-scrolling challenge levels to unlock additional rewards. Head back to the era of classic platformers with challenges players of all skill levels and all ages can enjoy.

This is actually a sequel to the first game aptly called Lucky’s Tale. The original game was specifically meant to be released as a 3d game and was designed for the Oculus Rift. The original game didn’t do too well in terms of what Meta Critic thought of it – they only gave it a 64 out of 100 for the game overall. One of the reasons behind that was the fact that it was made for Oculus and yet it didn’t utilize all that it could have to make it THE best 3D game out there.

Well, in 2017 – November 7th Super Lucky’s Tale will be coming out and it will NOT be a virtual reality game. Perhaps in the future, they will consider it, but for now, its a regular old Xbox One Exclusive Game and I am really looking forward to it! Even though this is a game being published by Microsoft, its still being brought to you by an Indie gaming company – Playful Corp. Because of this, the game is NOT going to be as expensive as all the other games out there right now. Instead, it will be a fraction of the cost. As of right now, there is no information as to if there will be any DLC or expansions with the game – there is only a standard edition available as of right now. So I guess we will have to wait and see about that. In the meantime, if you would like to pre-order the Xbox One Exclusive Game, Super Lucky’s Tale you can do so below.

Super Lucky’s Tale Digital Edition 
Super Lucky’s Tale Physical Edition 

These are both the same price so it doesn’t really matter at this point in terms of cost, which one you choose!

Spread throughout this article on Gamers Elite you can also see a few of the images from the game.