Super Lucky’s Tale Reviews ‘Round The Web

Super Lucky’s Tale just was released a few days ago and people have had a chance to finally play this hyped up game and have come forward with their reviews. This was a game I wanted to purchase – in fact, I had my mouse on the buy now button, but I knew I was going to be too busy with COD and NFS to actually sit down and enjoy it. I will, however, be buying it once the new year comes.

In the meantime I wanted to take a look at some of the reviews for Super Lucky’s Tale.

I gotta say, its not looking good. So far most of the big names in reviews are downvoting this game BIG time. But, lets take a look anyway.

Hardcore Gamer – Super Lucky’s Tale – 80/100

“The biggest flaw is that it fails to leave a major impression despite getting most things right on a point-by-point basis. It controls well outside of some camera issues and looks gorgeous. The sound design is impressive, while the soundtrack leaves a bit to be desired. The overall game isn’t a classic, but everything is done well and there isn’t much outright wrong with it.”

True Achievements – Super Lucky’s Tale – 70/100

“Super Lucky’s Tale succeeds in several ways. For anyone looking for a quick and simple platforming break, or introducing their kids to the world of gaming, this charming, beautiful and largely competently designed world will likely keep you entertained throughout. Unlike many child-friendly properties in the media, the characters, music and voice-work will likely keep the young ones entertained without irritating the parent. It’s a shame Lucky himself is such a bland character in terms of personality and move set; what little interaction Lucky has with the world is hampered by fairly frequent and irritating design decisions. Little Lucky really could have given us a bit more to keep players of all ages entertained, and he will need to find a few more tricks up his sleeve in any future adventures if he wants to compete with the veteran mascots of the genre. Here’s hoping that he gets the chance.”

New Game Network – Super Lucky’s Tale – 65/100

“Super Lucky’s Tale looks and sounds pleasant, and its charming world and characters will appeal to younger audiences. However, despite getting the basics right, some gameplay and overall design concerns lead the game down a few wrong foxholes.

Game Spot – Super Lucky’s Tale – 60/100

‘It’s easy to imagine how Super Lucky’s Tale would be the highlight of a younger kid’s weekend, but it has little to offer anyone looking for an enjoyably challenging 3D platformer.”

IGN – Super Lucky’s Tale – 50/100

“It’s all such a disappointment. I very much wanted to like Lucky, because the Xbox could use a decent answer to Nintendo in the 3D platformer genre. Unfortunately, Super Lucky’s Tale definitely isn’t it.”

EGM – Super Lucky’s Tale – 40/100

“Lucky is unrealized potential. There is always space for a new kid-friendly platformer, and Lucky’s cute and colorful world could’ve served as a great entry point for a new franchise. Sadly, poor controls, a terrible camera, and just overall lackluster gameplay leave Super Lucky’s Tale being a subpar effort not worthy of your time.”