The Division Update 1.8 Launches Today

I used to play The Division NON STOP. It was one of my favorite games and then suddenly, I just… stopped. I guess other games that were newer were coming out. But, I have to hand it to the game. They are still updating the game and they are still releasing content for the people that do play it.

Today, a new update for the game is out – the game Update 1.8. According to Ubi, this is THE biggest free update they ever offered. The Division will see the map expanded into a new area called the West Side Pier, 2 new game modes will be made available and you will also see changes in the Underground DLC. In addition to all of this, you will also have a new social space in The Division called Camp Clinton.

There was also a complete overhaul on how players enter into the Dark Zone and go Rogue.

New Game Modes For the game

One of the 2 new game modes is called Resistance and it’s a PvE game mode.

The second game mode for the game is called Skirmish and its a PvP mode. If you’ve ever played any of the old school games you should already know what Skirmish is, but if not: Teams of up to four players take part in a Team Deathmatch style mode where the aim is to simply get the highest number of kills before the time runs out. Enemy players must be completely eliminated and not just downed for the points to be awarded.

You can check out all of this content in the trailer below:

If you own the game but you do not own all or some of the paid DLC you should also know that Ubisoft is allowing the owners of the game to play ALL of the DLC, for free, from today until December 10th.

The progress that you make on these trials from the 7th to the 10th WILL carry over if you decide you want to purchase the content later on. You will find the game as well as all of the DLC and other downloadable content below.

This is genuinely a good game. Sometimes I really miss playing it. I didn’t like the Dark Zone but you don’t HAVE to enter the Dark Zone if you aren’t ready or don’t want to. I think its a really good FPS, lots of weapons and gear, you really get to customize your character to the max and there is always something to do. Plus, the world is HUGE. It doesn’t feel like you’re boxed in, there is always someplace to go or something to see.

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