The Worst Console Knock Offs and 4 Awesome Ones

Often when writing for Gamers Elite I talk about awesome systems like the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch, heck even the Hyperkin RetroN 1 HD Gaming Console for NES (Black). These are all amazing consoles. However, there are also quite a few knock offs that are absolutely horrible. Have it be the name or just the fact that they are knock offs and don’t work like a real console would, I wanted to do a list on the worst console knock offs. The first one will definitely have you laughing.

The … Wiwi

Really? The weewee lol. Come on, guys. Obviously, this is a Wii console. But to be honest, I always thought Wii was a dumb name – well wiwi is even dumber! While the Wiwi has the same motion controls, it lacks in everything else – horrible visuals and really, how many games can the Wiwi actually play? Is it Wii compatible? hahaha. Nintendo should be and probably has sued people like this.

Kinect KNock Off – I Dong

I feel like I’m writing for a porn site. The i-dong is a big… giant… knock off of the Kinect. People say that while the name is a little disturbing, it actually works. I don’t know, I’m not about to find out if it does or doesn’t! It does have a motion sensor like the real Kinect, and a controller, but other than that, what the heck? I think I’ll be staying away from the i-dong!

The Treamcast

Okay, guys so I slipped this one in here because its good and bad. The name is absolutely horrendous, however, it is kind of a cool idea. It does play Sega Dreamcast games, its much more available than the Dream Cast (not to mention cheaper). But the name could have really used some polishing. Not to mention its ONLY available on sites like eBay. Eh. I would stay away from this one.

PoP PSP KNock Off

Okay so at first glance this one looks legit – it even has a lot of the same buttons as the PSP. But don’t fall for it. Not only are the graphics complete crap, but the sounds that eminent from this awful machine are enough to make your ears bleed. Essentially, this one would probably make a good door stopper or even a paperweight, but it definitely should not be used to play games. You would be better off spending a little more money for something like the Hyperkin RetroN 1 HD Gaming Console for NES (Black) I love so much than to buy a crappy knock off like the PoP Station.

Game Theory Admiral – Game Boy Advance – SNES

Okay someone seriously got carried away when creating this one. Its called the Game Theory Admiral or GTA for short. Its made to look exactly like a Game Boy Advance and it play SNES and NES games. I don’t know, maybe they are trying to confuse the patent company? Why not just make something that looks like a Nintendo so that it can play, I don’t know, Nintendo games! This is one reason I really actually like the Hyperkin RetroN 1 HD Gaming Console for NES (Black) because it LOOKS just like a Nintendo and guess what? It plays Nintendo games! Who would have thought!?! SMH.

Damn.  That thing is god awful ugly.  Ugh.

Make sure that when you are buying a console or a handheld one, that A) it has good reviews, B) That its not a knock off – there’s a huge difference to me between an emulator that, oh I don’t know, emulates consoles, than one that is just an outright knock off and C) that it has exactly what you want.  Take the “game boy” above.  If you want to play Game Boy games on it, you can’t!  Here are some GOOD consoles to consider:

Hyperkin SupaBoy S, Portable Pocket SNES Console

“The handheld Hyperkin SupaBoy S will play original SNES (NTSC AND PAL) and SFC cartridges on a built-in 4.3 inch LCD screen. It includes a D-pad and face buttons, as well as right and left shoulder buttons. The SupaBoy S also includes two front-loading ports that are compatible with full-size SNES-compatible controllers and an AV out. It allows up to two players to play the SupaBoy S on a regular TV screen.”

Sega Genesis Arcade Ultimate Portable 2016

This one has 80 built in games that range from Mortal Kombat to Sonic to Fatal Labyrinth. The cool thing about this portable gaming console is that while it does come with games you also have an SD card option which allows you to download games from the SEGA store, put them on your card and in turn play them on the system. This one seems quite chunky in terms of the style and design but people still seem to really like it and I love Sega Games hence why it’s on the portable gaming consoles list!

Atgames Atari Flashback Ultimate Portable Game Player with 60 Built-in Games

There is actually a new Atari console coming out so that’s probably why this portable gaming console is so popular. I’ll talk more about the Atari Console on Gamers Elite a little later! The Portable Gaming console is really neat though, especially if you’re from that era and you had an Atari you played as a young kid. It includes 60 built in games; Frogger, Missile Command, Asteroids, Combat 2, and more. Size dimensions include: Built-in high-resolution 3.2″ display. The handheld measures approximately 5.5 inches across, 2.5 inches high, and about three-quarters of an inch deep. As you can see from the image; you CAN play on the actual portable console, however, you can also hook it up to your TV and use the console as a controller – neat little feature!

Hyperkin RetroN 1 HD Gaming Console for NES

Yess! My favorite one! A few specs:

– It plays pretty much any original NES games – NTSC and PAL.
– The Quality of the Console is 720P
– It comes with one classic style controller – however, you can use the controllers that are specifically meant for the original NES if you have them
– You can play with 2 players or 1
– It has a 3 foot HD cable and a 6 foot USB charger cable
– Its NOT emulation software. Its an actual console with real hardware inside of it

The only thing about the Hyperkin RetroN 1 HD Gaming Console for NES is that it comes with absolutely no games. But, honestly, I don’t even care. First off, I would want to buy my own games. Second off, NES games are so cheap these days AND this console is under $40, anyone can afford it.

Here are just a few games I found that you can check out.

The Legend Of Zelda (favorite!) 

The Legend Of Zelda Original from 1987 

Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt 

3-in-1 Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt / World Class Track Meet 

Donkey Kong Classics 

Street Fighter 2010