Titanfall 2 – Vanguard Collector’s Edition

I know that Titanfall 2 came out awhile ago – I bought it myself. But, as I was looking trough amazon today I saw something cool that I did not see before, hence why this is going under the cool things I like category! Its a helmet replica with a whole bunch of other cool things. It doesn’t come with the game, but I actually like that better because I already have it! While it does come with a bunch of other things, I am specifically interested in the helmet because its all one piece, its supposed to be made really well, and its wearable. Here are all the things it comes with.

Titanfall 2 Vanguard Pilot Helmet Replica: The iconic Titanfall Pilot helmet has been brought to life in this 1:1 full scale replica. Featuring mixed material elements, the helmet includes a battery operated blue light-up translucent face plate, blue status/task light, functional tactical ARC rail system/an adjustable interior head strap and display stand. Tactical Helmet Accessories: A tactical spotlight and targeting laser sight. These two battery operated helmet accessories are designed to be mounted on the ARC rail system of the helmet. Independently operated, the functional mounted spotlight will light up the night and the simulated laser sight features a super-bright non-projected red LED.

Dog Tag Flash Drive: A Pilot’s secrets must be carefully guarded, and what better way to keep them close than to store them inside your dog tag. This 8GB USB custom flash drive cleverly retracts into the dog tag on an 18″ metallic ball chain.

Pilot SRS Field Journal: An essential accessory for every Pilot, the field journal is 3” x 4.5” and features an aluminum case, pen and Vanguard Squad logo.

Squad Morale Patches and Vanguard Shemagh Scarf: Proudly display your squad affiliation with two morale patches, Macallan’s Marauders and Ion, with male Velcro-style hook backing to secure onto loop patches of helmets, uniforms, tactical vests, and backpacks. The Vanguard Shemagh Scarf is designed to protect a Pilot’s head and neck from the sun and blowing sand of harsh alien environments. The Vanguard Scarf measures 42” x 42” and features an original custom designed Titanfall pattern, making it an essential multi-use travel tool for every Pilot in your squad.

I liked it so much I put it on the Gamers Elite wishlist!  But to be honest I really could care less about anything else.  I just like the helmet!