More Updated Information On Destiny 2

Last week Bungie decided to show us exactly what we’re waiting for when it comes to Destiny 2. The trailer which has now been viewed 3,616,772 times showed not only what to expect from the actual gameplay, but also what’s new in the game as well. If you have not watched the video yet, please do so here!

According to Bungie, the classes will all be the same; Warlock, Hunter or Titan, but I did hear a few rumors about either a new class or a subclass. Its all rumors of course until Bungie says its true, but it still might be cool to add in a new class! I originally started with the Hunter, then I moved over to the Titan and I realized what I was missing out on. I also played with Warlock but I have more hours on Titan than any other character, Hunter coming in 2nd place. While the classes are all the same (for now), they did change up the specials for each class and subclass.

– Warlocks Dawnblade can be used as a fire sword and you can shoot energy from mid-air jumps.

– Titan now has a shield that he can use and throw around – sort of reminds you of another caped-crusader **cough** Captain America **cough**.

– Hunters Arcstrider now will allow for him/her to summon a staff – in which he can actually hit people with.

Here are images of what each class will look like with their subclass. Mind you, Bungie only let out certain images of certain subclasses but just so you get an idea:

Warlock Dawnblade

Titan Striker

Hunter GunSlinger

The Enemies


Bloodguard Legionaries
Incendiors (they use Flamethrowers)
Bloodguard Incendiors
Pashk the Searing Will (Boss)
Brann the Unbent Blade


Vex Goblins
Protheon, a Modular Mind (a minotaur kind of boss)


War Beast (a hound like enemy seen together with Vex goblins)

Supposedly, there will be 2 expansions on Destiny 2 and there are several different editions and options when it comes to the pre-order options, they include:

Xbox One – Physical Standard Edition of Destiny 2
PC – Physical Standard Edition of Destiny 2
Playstation 4 – Physical Standard Edition of Destiny 2

Playstation 4 – Digital Deluxe Edition Destiny 2
Playstation 4 – Destiny 2 – Game + Expansion Pass Bundle

I have a feeling, even more information will be coming out in days to come considering E3 is literally just around the corner!