Video Game Welcome Mats

Its funny the way video games have come into people’s lives and how they infringe on everything we do, are, and the way we live. Video game welcome mats for example; who knew this was even a thing? And yet there are thousands of products out there that feature video game titles, characters, far off lands, and quotes on welcome mats! If you’re looking for cool video game welcome mats, this is the article for you. I also slipped in a few bath mats as well.

Choose Your Weapon Gaming

It says this one can be used as a welcome mat or in the house. It has a black background and in white it says Choose Your Weapon and then pictures a bunch of controllers for different gaming systems.

Legend of Zelda Video Game Welcome Mats

This one is kind of cool and I can see where it would be popular considering the following there is for Zelda. This one has the usual “rock” pattern around the edge, with an opening, the background is black and then you see little Link with his sword and the words in white, “It’s Dangerous To Go Alone! Take This.” That line is sort of synonymous with Zelda games!

The Elder Scrolls Video Game Welcome Mats

This one says its an outdoor mat, but I suppose it could be used inside as well. It has a creamy background with the black hand right in the middle – a hand print. The Black Hand is the ruling body of the Dark Brotherhood. It is made up of five members: four Speakers (index, middle, ring and little fingers) and a Listener (thumb). Less well known, even by members of the Dark Brotherhood, is that each Speaker also employs a Silencer, which represent the nails of the four fingers. I actually kind of like this one because its plain and to the point.

Portal 2 Video Game

This one is memory foam so while it says it can be used outside, I would suggest using it inside. Memory foam is a really nice cushion-y surface so it seems like it would sort of be wasted being outside! This one features a smokey black background with the light blue Portal 2 symbol of Aperture Science Innovators.

The Legend Of Zelda Hylian Shield Door Mat

Very cool. I like this one too because of the coloring and it has a more “adult” look than the other one above. This one is primarily for indoor use because its a cut rug and therefore has no protective materials on it. You could, however, use this on the inside of the front door, as a bath mat, below your bed, etc. The image across the front of the door mat features the iconic Hylian shield, used by various incarnations of Link throughout his adventures. An officially licensed product, this Legend of Zelda door mat comes in blue with yellow and red accents, with official branding and labels throughout.

Retro Video Game Themed Doormats

This ones kind of neat too. Its essentially an image of Pacman made up of other images – specifically controllers from all the different systems over the years. I think I even see an Atari controller on here. The background is black and the pacman is yellow – appropriately so. I believe this one is made of a synthetic fleece material so it might not work very well outside with water and such, but it would work quite well indoors.

NES Controller

If you like video game welcome mats and you love NES, this is a cool one for you. Its a rectangular shape and you guessed it, its the NES controller. It looks JUST like the controller I played with when I was a kid. Very vivid and bright colors. This one also comes in 3 different sizes.

Don’t see something you like? Well, there are something like 20 pages of video game welcome mats so you can find the one you really like. Follow this link here to find the corresponding pages. Most of these, depending on the size and what they are made from, tend to be around $12 on up to $70. The NES controller one, for example, in the biggest size is $63 – I blame this on the coloring and detail of the mat itself.