VR Editions For Fallout 4, DOOM and Skyrim Dates

During E3, Bethesda stated that they would be putting out VR editions on 3 of their biggest games; Fallout 4, DOOM and Skyrim. If you would love to play these, but you want to know when you will finally get a chance, this is the post you definitely want to read!  All of the images below, link to their corresponding products and the sales page, so click away!

The first edition will be Skyrim VR. That will be coming out on November 17th for Playstation VR. There is also going to be a Skyrim virtual reality edition for the HTC Vive as well, but that will not be coming out until 2018 – at some point!

DOOM comes next, this will be released on December 1st for both the PlayStation 4 VR console as well as the Vive.

Fallout 4 on the other hand is supposed to make its debut on December 12. but that is just considered the initial release date – which means it will most likely change dates.

Oh and in case you were wondering, ALL three games will be exactly like their predecessors, except they will tweak the movements and the motion controls will be included. For example, in one article Gamers Elite wrote, I mentioned the ability, in Fallout, to transport yourself from one area to another rather than walking. Obviously this feature is NOT available on regular editions, but it will be available on the VR editions.

While the announcements of these dates were made earlier than usual – usually they announce things like this at QuakeCon, I am sure Bethesda still has plenty of surprises up their sleeves. By the way! QuakeCon is on August 24th and it ends August 27th.

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