Xbox 360 to Xbox One Voting Site…

If you are not already aware, you CAN add votes to games added to the Xbox website.  The more votes a game has, the more likely Xbox is to make that game be backward compatbile.  Speaking of backwards compatbile.  A lot of people are still asking about this.  Lets go over this quickly, okay?

As of right now, Xbox is making it so that 360 games can be played on Xbox One.  As of right now there ARE plans to make Xbox Original games backward compat, but as of right now there is no date.  Xbox did mention something at E3 in 2017, but they did not give an exact date, they just said it would be coming soon.

Backward Compatible Games gives you the ability to play a list of games that Xbox has that are for the 360 on your Xbox One.

The Backward Compatible Games list can be found here.  The link says it was updated in May, but I just re-updated it today so definitely check that out.  At the link I provider to Gamers Elite you can also see how all of this works and what to expect when playing this type of game.  It should also be noted that:

In terms of features, Xbox 360 backwards compatibility on Xbox One supports:

Digital and disc-based games at no additional cost

Support for existing saves (through the Cloud), DLC, Achievement progress, and the original dashboard

Multiplayer between those playing on Xbox 360 and Xbox One

Select Xbox One system features, including Game DVR, Windows 10 streaming and screenshots

Many Xbox 360 games are also currently available on Microsoft’s Netflix-style Xbox Game Pass subscription service.

The Xbox One backward compatibility website for voting can be found here!  Sign into your account and add your votes.  You can only add one vote per game.  As you can see right now, these games are voted for the most:


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 For Xbox 360

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare For Xbox 360

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas For Xbox 360

Batman: Arkham City For Xbox 360

GTA V For Xbox 360


Does this work?  YES!  For example, Black Ops 1 and Black Ops 2 were both asked to be added to the list of games – they got voted on enough times and voila, now they are available.  This is not some false sense of hope that Xbox has created.  Its a real way to get the games you love on the backward compatibility list so VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!