Xbox Game Pass Is Changing Again – For The Better!

I think Xbox Game Pass is a great service, but there are many of you out there that have a major complaint about the XBox Game Pass: Its older games. Why don’t they offer newer games?

Well, that’s all about to change very soon.

The Xbox Game Pass was first released in 2017 and since then Microsoft has done its best to include the games they can. But, one of the biggest issues with offering NEW games (new as in just came out) is that Microsoft has to essentially hound publishers to get their games on the Xbox Game Pass. I imagine this is difficult and takes quite a bit of time and effort!

The game pass has OVER 100 games available right now, from the Xbox One and the Xbox 360. You also get discounts on games you want to purchase, DLC, and uh hello, you can download and play as many games as you want!

Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox has announced that they will now be adding NEW games to the Xbox Game Pass. The games that are going to be included are published by Microsoft.

That means that when Sea of Thieves comes out on March 20th – it will be added to the Xbox Game Pass right away. The same goes for any other Microsoft Published games including Forza Motorsport, Forza Horizon, State Of Decay 2, Crackdown 3 and more.

If it’s published by Microsoft, it will be available in the Xbox Game Pass catalog the day the game comes out.


Phil has also said that instead of only offering the 1 month and 12 month passes, they will also be offering a 6-month pass. The 6 month Xbox Game Pass will be available for $60.

This might seem like a lot, but if you think about it, it’s not that bad.

The Xbox Game Pass is $9.99 for a 1 month pass. $9.99 x 6 = $59.99

So you aren’t paying more for a 6-month pass, but you also aren’t getting a discount either.

“With the addition of more great games, new blockbuster releases, and a new subscription offer, we are giving fans more choice and value in how they discover and enjoy games – purchase games for their permanent library or play through Xbox Game Pass for one low price.”

So far Phil has not announced when this will all be going on, but you can assume that since Sea of Thieves was mentioned in the announcement, and it’s going to be released March 20th, that the NEW and improved pass will be available by then.

In the meantime, you can still purchase the 1 month game pass and you can try it out with a 14 day free trial.