Xbox Game Pass – On Sale – For Some People

Over the past year, the Xbox Game Pass has been on sale several times over. Well, now they are offering yet another discount on the pass, but this time around, it seems that it’s only available for some people? No one can really figure out why it’s only available for some and not others, but if you check the link out below and are “eligible” I would definitely suggest you consider it.

For me, for example, the discount is not available and I am in the US!

Game Pass

For the people that are eligible and if you are in the US, you will be receiving 50% off of the Game Pass. So instead of paying $10, you will pay $5. Its actually a pretty sweet deal for a 1-month pass considering all of the changes that have been announced for the Xbox Game Pass.

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Game Pass

If you are in Europe and are eligible your discount is a little steeper – around 66% off.

Another thing you need to be aware of is that you HAVE to have Xbox Live Gold to get and participate in the Xbox Game Pass. And Gifted Game Pass membership is not eligible for the discount.