Xbox Live and Playstation Plus Membership Sales

Well, speak of the devil! Here’s one of those discount articles! I had to post it because I know how expensive Xbox Live can get!

If you really enjoy playing online games or online with friends, then you know that you need to purchase corresponding memberships for your console. For the Xbox its Xbox Live and for PlayStation/Vita its the PlayStation Plus Membership. But these dang memberships are really expensive, let’s be honest. And they always have been.

While I do know that you can purchase (for Xbox Live) 3, 6 and 12-month memberships, they are all pretty expensive.

Thankfully Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus are both having sales right now.

Xbox Live:
Join the best community of gamers on the fastest, most reliable multiplayer network
Get maximum performance, speed, and reliability with dedicated servers
Experience the best in competitive and cooperative gaming across Xbox One and Windows 12
Get free games to play every month, worth up to $700 a year
Save up to 50-75% on games in the Xbox Store

12 Months – Play All Year Long
Enables online multiplayer on PS4, so you can play games online with friends
FREE PlayStation 4 games every month
Access to exclusive PlayStation Store sales and discounts

Both of the Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus memberships are digital – no waiting for the mail to come! Just purchase the membership you need, and if you do so from Amazon you can either check your email associated with your Amazon account or check your digital orders.

The Xbox Live is regularly $60 and its now 17% off which means you save $10.00 for 12 months.

The PlayStation Plus is usually $60 as well, and it’s now 33% off which means you save $20 for 12 months.

Xbox Live – 12 month card
PlayStation Plus – 12 month card

I am not exactly sure how long this will be on sale for so if you need a renewal I would suggest doing it now before its over.